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Tamamo Cross special dashi soup smell irresistible takoyaki taste! The second installment of "Pakauke" will be released from August 22nd!


Kuriyama Rice Cracker's " Bakauke " and "Uma Musume Pretty Derby " are collaborating again!
The first "Bakakake" was released in October 2021 and was very popular, and now "Uma Musume Pretty Derby" is back!
The second collaboration, "Pa -ka-uke 2 " will go on sale at convenience stores and confectionery outlets nationwide on Monday, August 22, 2022!

ゴールドシップのやきそば味!TVアニメ「ウマ娘 プリティーダービー Season 2」と「ばかうけ」がコラボ!

Pa-ka-ke 2 is Tamamokuro's special takoyaki flavor!

Pa-kake 2

Uma Musume Pretty Derby Pakka-ke 2," which will go on sale on August 22 (Monday), 2022, will be made by "Tamamo Cross" during her training story in the game. You can't get enough of the takoyaki flavor with the aroma of soup stock! The image is based on the "TAMAMOCLOTH" in the game's story of its training!
Enjoy the aroma of the soup stock and the strong taste of the takoyaki sauce as soon as you put it in your mouth!
In addition, one original sticker with a holographic finish is included in each bag at random!
Please try to guess your favorite Uma Musume!
The seal types included in the package are as follows

Original stickers (total 20 kinds)

Original sticker
  • Special Week
  • Silence Suzuka
  • Tokai Teio
  • Gold Ship
  • Mejiro McQueen
  • Teemu Opera O
  • Seiun Sky
  • Tamamo Cross
  • Mayano Top Gun
  • Mihono Bourbon
  • Rice Shower
  • Agnes Tachyon
  • Admire M. Bison
  • Sakura Bakushin O
  • Super Creek
  • Makikane Tanhiza
  • Satono Diamond
  • Kitasan Black
  • Mejiro Bright

The second "Pa-ka-ke" will go on sale on Monday, August 22, 2022, and will be sold at convenience stores and confectionery outlets nationwide.
Why don't you try to get your hands on the second series of original stickers, which have a different taste from the first series?

Product Information
Product name Uma Musume Pretty Derby Pa-ka-ke 2
Listed quantity 24g
JAN 4901336-197586
Price NPP
Shelf life 210 days
Sales area All over Japan


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