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Hdmi 2.1 cable of "TSUKUMO premium cable" is released from Yamada Denki's TSUKUMO brand!

ヤマダデンキのTSUKUMOブランドから「TSUKUMOプレミアムケーブル」のHDMI 2.1ケーブルを発売!

When you are doing something to improve your gaming room, you want to adjust the length of cables to suit your environment, or use cables that perform as well as possible to improve the environment around you!
Even if you think so, you may be troubled by the fact that cables are sold by various manufacturers, so you may not know which one to buy.
TSUKUMO " brand, which handles BTO PCs and sells PCs and PC peripherals of " YAMADA DENKI CO. TSUKUMO Premium Cable ", an HDMI 2.1 cable from TSUKUMO brand "which sells PCs and PC peripherals of Yamada Denki Co.

What is TSUKUMO, which belongs to Yamada Denki Co.


TSUKUMO is a store brand of Yamada Denki Co., Ltd. that sells PCs, PC parts, and peripherals.
The predecessor of TSUKUMO was established in 1947, and has a long history as a PC retail store chain.
The company has never forgotten the spirit of TSUKUMO, which has actively challenged "firsts" in Japan, such as "Japan's first store specializing in robots," and has planned and sold collaborative products with Hatsune Miku, hololive, and Death Stranding!
We also offer two BTO PC models as TSUKUMO original brands, the "G-GEAR" gaming PC and the "eXcomputer" standard PC, and plan, manufacture, and sell a wide range of models to suit users!
Currently, we have 9 stores in Akihabara and other areas in Japan, including corporate sales departments and online stores!

Original HDMI 2.1 cable from "TSUKUMO Premium Cable" now on sale!

TSUKUMO Premium cables are known for their green TSUKUMO color.
The HDMI 2.1 cable to be released this time is also green, of course!
The performance of the HDMI cable, which we are interested in, is based on the HDMI 2.1 standard, which is certified as "Ultra High Speed HDMI" capable of transmitting 8K/60Hz and 4K/120Hz high quality image and sound data!

TS-HDMI21PR-15MGR Premium 1.5m model

1.5m model.
The price is 1,680 yen (tax included)!

TS-HDMI21PR-15MGR Premium 2.0m model

2m model.
The price is 1,980 yen (including tax).

Price revision of "TSUKUMO Premium Cable" HDMI2.0a model announced!

TS-HDMIPR-1MGR Premium 1.0m model

In conjunction with the release of the "TSUKUMO Premium Cable" HDMI 2.1 cable, a price revision of the "TSUKUMO Premium Cable" HDMI 2.0a model has also been announced!
The price of TSHDMIPR1MGR (length: 1m) will be 980 yen (including tax), and the price of TSHDMIPR2MGR (length: 2m) will be 1,280 yen (including tax).
And TSHDMIPR3MGR (length: 3m) will be priced at 1,580 yen (including tax).
That's the cheapest and most affordable price among cables of the same standard!
For more details about the product, please check out the official Tsukumo net store page!
If you are looking for an HDMI cable, why don't you take this opportunity to buy one!

TSUKUMO Premium Cable HDMI 2.1 Cable Product Overview
Transmission speed 48Gbps
Supported resolutions 4K/60Hz, 4K/120Hz
eARC, DynamicHDR, VRR, HEC, BT.2020, etc. supported
Length 1.5m, 2m
Warranty period 1 month


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