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Esports events are decided by cocktail-like and non-al party drink "HECATE"!


Tokyo eSports Festa was held for two days on January 11 and 12, 2020.

This festival is a place to promote the attractiveness of e-sports through competitions and hands-on experiences, as well as to publicize the excellent products and services of the e-sports related industries that are concentrated in Tokyo. The festival will also serve as a venue to promote the excellent products and services of the e-sports related industries in Tokyo.


In keeping with the significance of the Tokyo eSports Festa, the event was not limited to e-sports competitions, hands-on events, and exhibitions by developers and gaming brands, but also included booths for various educational institutions that train e-sports professionals in all areas of the industry. The event was not only a hands-on event for developers and gaming brands.

Tokyo eSports Festa
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Among them, this time we will focus on the exhibition and sale of drinks that can be used as accompaniments to events, including e-sports spectating.
HECATE " is the name of the product that Hecate Corporation is selling under the company name.

A non-alcoholic drink that makes you feel agitated even when you are sober! That's "HECATE"!

Non-alcoholic beverages that make you feel like you're sober! HECATE
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When it comes to sporting events, many people probably think of energy drinks.
Red Bull, which sponsors not only e-sports but also various other sporting events and is served at the event, is a typical example of such a drink, and it is very active as a drink that enlivens the event scene.
Some partygoers may have had the experience of drinking Red Bull as a Jagerbomb at a club or bar.

Other energy drinks such as "Monster Energy," "Coca-Cola Energy," "Real Gold," "Dodecamine," and many others have become well established in recent years.
What is the difference between "Hecate," which contains the same ingredients such as caffeine and arginine but calls itself a party drink, and such "Hecate" energy drinks?

Party drink style

<p.The first impression of "Hecate" is that it is served in a stylish bottle.
Personally, I feel that bottles are more special than cans, as if they come out of a store or a gathering of relatives. ......
The most common energy drinks are cans, and even if they are available in other forms, they are in plastic bottles. Bottles seem rare, so perhaps this is a point of differentiation. Alcoholic beverages have an image of bottles, so it may be that they are trying to capture that image.

Of course, energy drink cans are also popular because of their cool image, but it is the bottled "Hecate" that is more stylish, as if to say, "This is a cocktail" when served as is.
In fact, the bottles were displayed with black straws attached to them in the booths at the event.

The taste impression is also distinctly different. It is not the powerful, thick, chemical fruity energy drink flavor that is common in energy drinks, but rather a cocktail-like finish with lime and rum flavors that is described as being like a mojito.
The reporter's personal impression was that it had a lime-centric tightening flavor and a moderate sweetness that made it as refreshing as a gin and tonic. It also has a lingering aroma that will leave you wondering if it is really non-alcoholic. You must be surprised.

A non-alcoholic drink that will make you feel agitated even when you are sober! HECATE
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Also, many energy drinks contain a large amount of sugar to replenish calories, which makes them thick at best and sticky at worst.

Hecate", however, uses sweeteners, which contribute to a smart, non-sticky sweetness. And of course, no calories!
The ingredients include not only caffeine and arginine, but also guarana, maca, and other energetic ingredients, so you'll be ready for anything to get you in the mood.

Special drinks for special events!

At the booth of Hecate Corporation, not only "Hecate" but also "Monster Strike Super Energy - Wakuwaku no Mi Mix" was on sale.

This is a slightly less caffeinated, but more fruity energy drink with a more intense energy drink flavor, designed with the children who enjoy MonStrike in mind.
The sugar-rich, super-energy flavor is so easy to understand that reporters who can't help but drink melon soda when they find it at the drink bar are very excited.

"モンスターストライク 超絶エナジー 〜わくわくの実MIX〜"
"Monster Strike Super Energy - Wakuwaku no Mi Mix" (Monster Strike Super Energy - Wakuwaku no Mi Mix)
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The sight of "Hecate" and "Monster Strike Superlative Energy - Wakuwaku no Mi Mix" being sold together at the event conveyed that "Hecate" is a party drink that is different from energy drinks or alcoholic beverages as a drink for the event scene. It is different from both energy drinks and alcoholic beverages, and offers a new option as a party drink.

There has always been a culture of non-alcoholic cocktails in bars, such as Shirley Temple and Saratoga Cooler, but recently the variety of non-alcoholic beverages has begun to increase even in izakaya (Japanese style pubs), and it seems that the number of situations in which one has to hold back to avoid alcoholic drinks and drink oolong tea is decreasing.

Have you ever had the experience of trying to get into the swing of things while standing next to people who are not enjoying themselves? The appearance of new drinks such as "Hecate" and the expansion of choices may help create the most exciting event scene where people who cannot drink alcohol due to their constitution or driving, people who do not like the taste of energy drinks, and people who are concerned about calories can enjoy themselves together with their favorite drinks. This may help. We can expect to see more party drinks to follow "Hecate" in the future!

For more information, check out the official "Hecate" website!


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