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Glowing of course! Electric lifting gaming desk Thermaltake "TOUGHDESK 300 Gaming Desk" released!

もちろん光る!電動昇降式のゲーミングデスク Thermaltake「TOUGHDESK 300 Gaming Desk」発売!

The identity of a gaming device is that it glows, right?
The era of total lighting in the gaming environment has arrived, where not only mice, keyboards, and headsets glow, but also chairs and desks.
However, there are still very few chairs and desks that glow, and the choices are limited.
In such a situation, Taiwanese manufacturer Thermaltake has released a new gaming desk. It is the " TOUGHDESK 300 Gaming Desk," a gaming desk that can be raised and lowered automatically!

The large mouse pad that fully covers the top panel shines!

Since this is a gaming desk, the most important part is that it glows.
The TOUGHDESK 300 Gaming Desk shines because the mouse pad that comes with it shines!

TOUGHDESK 300 Gaming Desk
TOUGHDESK 300 Gaming Desk
株式会社アスク"TOUGHDESK 300 Gaming Desk"製品ページ

The TOUGHDESK 300 Gaming Desk comes with a large mouse pad that covers the entire top panel and has RGB lighting around its perimeter.
The "TOUGHDESK 300 Gaming Desk" comes with a large-sized mouse pad covering the entire top panel and RGB lighting around the perimeter. iTAKE " integrated management software allows for customization and collective control of lighting from other Thermaltake devices.
It also supports Razer Chroma and Amazon Alexa integration. "Alexa ! Turn the lighting blue! " how is that possible! I'm curious.
Some might say, "The glowing thing is a mouse pad, not a desk," but since it is a perfectly sized mouse pad with Thermaltake's logo on it, we can call it a "TOUGHDESK 300 Gaming Desk" including the mouse pad! It can be called "TOUGHDESK 300 Gaming Desk" including the mousepad!
So the TOUGHDESK 300 Gaming Desk is a shiny gaming desk!

Thermaltake"TOUGHDESK 300 Gaming Desk"製品ページ

Adjustable to your preferred height

Different people find different desk heights to suit their height, build, preferences, and circumstances.
In general, most desks have a fixed height, and even those that can be adjusted, it requires two or more people to work together to do so safely.
The TOUGHDESK 300 Gaming Desk, however, is equipped with a height-adjustable motorized elevator that can be raised and lowered at the touch of a button!

TOUGHDESK 300 Gaming Desk
TOUGHDESK 300 Gaming Desk
株式会社アスク"TOUGHDESK 300 Gaming Desk"製品ページ

By operating the button on the front of the desk, the height can be freely adjusted between 70 cm and 110 cm!
There are other desks with automatic height adjustment, but the "TOUGHDESK 300 Gaming Desk" has a display showing the current height!
It's convenient for the next time you want to set the height, if you can see the number instead of just a feeling of "I feel comfortable today".
In addition, the four memory buttons allow you to set the settings according to your needs.

Sturdy and Secure Design

Since expensive PCs and monitors will be placed on this desk, how sturdy it is is an important factor. And if it has an electric elevator, it is even more so.
The TOUGHDESK 300 Gaming Desk has a scratch-resistant steel frame and a 2.5 cm thick high-pressure laminate top panel, making it quite sturdy with a load capacity of 150 kg.
The motor for the electric lift is also of high quality and raises and lowers the desk smoothly and quietly, so it is unlikely that anything on the desk will fall off when it is raised or lowered.

TOUGHDESK 300 Gaming Desk
TOUGHDESK 300 Gaming Desk
株式会社アスク"TOUGHDESK 300 Gaming Desk"製品ページ

A cable tray, which is quite convenient to have, is mounted at the back of the main unit.
It allows you to organize wires that tend to get messy, making it smart in terms of both appearance and usability.

TOUGHDESK 300 Gaming Desk
TOUGHDESK 300 Gaming Desk
株式会社アスク"TOUGHDESK 300 Gaming Desk"製品ページ

Release date and price

Thermaltake "TOUGHDESK 300 Gaming Desk" will be available in Japan from Friday, November 13, 2020. The price is 153,780 yen (including tax)!
The product is handled in Japan by ASK Corporation and is available at PC4U, an online store selling authorized distributors' products.
To play games comfortably, people tend to focus only on devices and gaming chairs, but a desk with a height that suits you is actually quite important.
The "TOUGHDESK 300 Gaming Desk" is a sturdy and sturdy gaming desk with an electric elevator and even a glowing mouse pad.
At the time of writing, there are only a few left in stock, so if you are considering purchasing one, hurry!
For more details, please check the "TOUGHDESK 300 Gaming Desk" product page andThermaltake's official website!

TOUGHDESK 300 Gaming Desk Specifications
Material Frame: Steel, Top panel: MDF, Legs: Iron
Top Panel Size 160(L)×80(W)×2.5(H) cm
Mouse pad size 160(L)×80(W)×0.4(H) cm
Size (W x D x H) 360mm x 275mm x 3mm
Leg size 58.5(L) x 7.5(W) x 2.5(H) cm
Overall Height 70 to 110 cm
Input voltage 110 to 240V
Input frequency range 50/60Hz
Input Current 1.5A
Output Voltage 29V
Output Current 2.5A
Load Capacity 150kg
Product weight Approx. 55kg
Gross weight Approx. 63.5kg
Color Black


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