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"Tokyo Revengers" appeared in Tamagotchi!? Let's take care of Takemichi, Mikey, and Draken in "Tori Becchi"!

「東京リベンジャーズ」と「たまごっち」がコラボ!「とうりべっち 特攻服ver.」やマイキーとドラケンのソフビセットが登場!

Tokyo Revengers " is a very popular work by Ken Wakui, a manga artist known for "Shinjuku Swan" and other works.
The series was serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine from 2017 and became a TV animation in April 2021, creating a huge boom that became a social phenomenon.
This time, "Tokyo Revengers" is collaborating with " Tamagotchi "!
The collaboration product " Tori Uribechi " will be on sale at " Premium Bandai," the official mail order site of the Bandai Namco Group!

The "Tokyo Revengers" are now available as a "Tamagotchi"!


Recently, Tamagotchi has collaborated with " Demon Slayer ", "Jujutsu Kaisen", and "Sword Dance", but this time, Tamagotchi is collaborating with " Tokyo Revengers"!
In addition to the " Uribecchi Kamikaze Suit ver. " featuring the image of the " Tokyo Manjikai " Kamikaze uniform, a " Uribecchi Hugmy Tamagotchi Set," which includes a soft vinyl figure and a Tamagotchi with a limited design featuring each character, will also be available. Hugmy Tamagotchi Set Drakencchi ver. " will also be available!

Uribecchi: Kamikaze Suit ver.

とうりべっち 特攻服ver.アットプレス

The "Uribecchi Suicide Suit ver. " is a Tamagotchi with an original design based on the image of the " TokyoManjikai " suicide uniform.
More than 25 characters appear in the game !
In addition to the main character, Budo Hanagaki, and Tokyo Manjikai members Manjiro Sano (Mikey) andKen Ryuguji (Draken), the game also includes Mizonaka members,teenage Meguro Ryu members,Roppongi charisma, and more!
Depending on how you take care of them, they may change into special looking characters...?

Outline of the product
Product name Uribecchi: Suicide Suit ver.
Price 2,860 yen (tax included)
Set includes Tori Uribecchi: Suicide Suit ver. body ... 1
Product Size H approx. 40mm x W approx. 30mm x D approx. 25mm
Product material ABS, PC, SI
Battery LR44 x 2
Reservation period August 19, 2022 (Fri.) 12:00 - September 26, 2022 (Mon.) 23:00 (tentative)

Limited design "Manjirochi" and "Drakkenchi" also available!


In addition, limited designs of " Manjirochi " and " Drakkenchi " are also available!
The limited-edition soft vinyl mascot set features designs based on the popular characters " Mikey " and " Drakken," and allows you to display the Tamagotchi with a "hug" and a "hug". The set comes with a soft vinyl mascot set called the " Hugmy Tamagotchi Set " that allows you to display Tamagotchi in a hug!
Of course, the soft vinyl figure can also be displayed by itself without the "Tori Uribechi" itself.

Outline of the product
Product Name Uribetsu Hugmy Tamagotchi Set - Manjirochi ver./Drakenchi ver.
Price 5,280 yen each (tax included)
Set Contents Uribecchi main body ... 1 each
Hugmy Tamagotchi set (soft vinyl)...1 each
Product size Uribecchi main body ... H approx. 40mm x W approx. 30mm x D approx. 25mm
Hugmy Tamagotchi Set (Soft Vinyl)
Manjirochi ver....H approx. 100mm x W approx. 80mm x D approx. 85mm
Drakencchi ver....H approx. 100mm x W approx. 70mm x D approx. 75mm
Product Material Uribecchi body ... ABS, PC, SI
Hugmy Tamagotchi set (soft vinyl) ... PVC
Battery Uribecchi main body...LR44 x 2
Reservation period August 19, 2022 (Fri.) 12:00 - September 26, 2022 (Mon.) 23:00 (tentative)

How to play Tori Uribechi

とうりべっち登場キャラクタープレミアム バンダイ公式サイト

When you take care of 26-year-old Budo Hanagaki with " ToriBecchi," you will be transported back in time to the past, and depending on how you take care of him, he will introduce you to Tokyo Manjikai members and the Mizonaka 5!

とうりべっちプレミアム バンダイ公式サイト

Take care of him by feeding him and fighting off delinquents!
Be careful not to get beaten up by the mob delinquents, or you will lose your character!

とうりべっちミニゲームプレミアム バンダイ公式サイト

In the mini-games, you can play bike races, crane games, and other games, and depending on the characters you train, Emma,Yuzuha, andHina will appear when you complete the mini-games.
Furthermore, when a certain time is reached, a production will occur!
Many famous scenes from this work are included.
Some of the characters you train may be able to see their future appearances, so be sure to play to see what they look like!

Now on sale at Premium Bandai!

Toribech " is now available for pre-order at " Premium Band ai", the official mail order site of Namco Bandai Group!
The price of "Uribecchi Suicide Suit ver. 2,860 yen (including tax) The "Uribecchi Hugmy Tamagotchi Set - Manjirochi ver. " and " Hugmy Tamagotchi Set - Drakkenchi ver. 5,280 yen (including tax) The "Hugmy Tamagotchi set" is the first of its kind in the world!
Fans of the " Tokyo Revengers " are encouraged to purchase these items, as they are filled with elements inspired by the " Tokyo Revengers " series!
The " Hugmy Tamagotchi Set " will also be available in " Takemichi ver. " and " Chifuyu ver. " versions, which are based on the images of "Takemichi" and " Chifuyu "! The details will be announced on September 2 (Wed.).
More details will be released on September 2 (Friday).
The latest information will be updated on Premium Bandai's official Twitter(@p_bandai ), so be sure to take this opportunity to follow them so you don't miss out!


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