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Tina & Magic Armor & Mowgli will be released from FFVI as the second ultimate modeling "SQUARE ENIX MASTERLINE"!

究極の造形「SQUARE ENIX MASTERLINE」第2弾としてFFVIからティナ&魔導アーマー&モーグリが発売決定!

SQUARE ENIX and Prime 1 Studio, a domestic statue maker, jointly produced the polystone figure series "SQUARE ENIX MASTERLINE ".
The first figure, "NieR: Automata," was announced and became a hot topic of conversation for its ultimate beauty of modeling, its powerful 1/4 size, and its price.
The "Deluxe Ver. " set , which includes 2B, 9S, A2, and replacement parts for each, was priced at 349,800 yen (tax included).... Please note that it is no longer available for order.
The "Deluxe Ver." is scheduled to be released on December 31, 2021 (Friday), and those of you who have pre-ordered it are probably making room for it, but the second release of the "SQUARE ENIX MASTERLINE" has been determined!

1/4サイズの超精密フィギュア「SQUARE ENIX MASTERLINE NieR:Automata」予約受付開始!

Tina, Magic Armor and Mowgli from FFVI!

The second "SQUARE ENIX MASTERLINE" figure to be released is the " FINAL FANTASY VI 1/6 Scale " figure.
The design seems to be based on the main visual of "FINAL FANTASY VI" by Yoshitaka Amano, which depicts Tina and her magical armor.
The beautifully and delicately designed Tina, the massive magical armor, and the cute Mowgli are exquisitely balanced in the design.


However, the first "NieR: Automata" figure was 1/4 size, and this one is 1/6 size, which means it might be a bit small. But that's not true.
The magic armor is huge, so the 1/6 size is quite large! If it is not good, it might be bigger than the first model.

Production view

In the video, Tina is posing in several different poses, so it seems that there will be replaceable parts just like the first figure... but there are no details about that, the release date, or the price, which is the most interesting thing about this figure! Let's wait for more information!


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