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Limited to 600 pieces worldwide! The price is about 1.5 million yen! "SQUARE ENIX MASTERLINE" 2nd "Final Fantasy VI 1/6 Scale" Release Date Decided! Reservations start!

全世界600個限定!お値段約150万円!「SQUARE ENIX MASTERLINE」第2弾「ファイナルファンタジーVI 1/6スケール」発売日決定!予約受付開始!

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Monumental achievement "Final Fantasy" series of the RPG into which a 35th anniversary of series is received in December, 2022.
You also open a specially-installed site and are accelerating for 35th anniversary of sale and all that of a new game and a new item 35th anniversary.
"Final Fantasy 35th anniversary UT" where the numbering title to "XVI" which will schedule sale from now on from the first was designed is also announced the other day, and I become the topic of conversation, but are they recent years, not the case that production of "the Final Fantasy VI 1/6 scale" decided about the item which became the topic of conversation most as the 2nd version, SQUARE ENIX and a police tone figure series by combined production of a domestic statue manufacturer "Prime 1 Studio" "SQUARE ENIX MASTERLINE"?
This time and the person who was looking forward to a subsequent report will be a lot of things because I became the topic of conversation greatly by its elaborate make and price when the 1st version was "NIA, automatic, Mata".
About half year and the detailed information which is "the Final Fantasy VI 1/6 scale" at last were an announcement from an announcement in November, 2021!

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94932全世界600個限定!お値段約150万円!「SQUARE ENIX MASTERLINE」第2弾「ファイナルファンタジーVI 1/6スケール」発売日決定!予約受付開始!
Design of all numbering from I to XVI appeared! "Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary UT" release decision!

Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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