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Plush Toy of Bond, the Forger Family's Guard Dog from "SPY x FAMILY"! Available on order!


SPY×FAMILY " is a popular manga serialized in Shueisha's "Shonen Jump +" and is based on the popular anime by Tatsuya Endo, which is currently airing in its second season.
Bond, a watchdog who can predict the future and is a member of an eccentric family consisting of Lloyd, a spy father, Yol, an assassin mother, and Anya, a psychic daughter, has become a plushie!
The plushie is so cute and fluffy that you can almost hear it "boffffffff" at any moment.
This is a made-to-order product.

Fluffy and cute Bond is coming to your house!

ボンドのぬいぐるみ PR TIMES

SPY x FAMILY" has sold a total of 26.5 million copies of its 10 volumes of comics, and the second TV anime is also doing very well.
It is a very popular spy comedy in which the Forger family, including Lloyd, a spy father, Yol, an assassin mother, Anya, a psychic daughter, and Bond, a watchdog who can predict the future, each with their own secrets, take on the challenge of world peace.
Bond, the watchdog who appears in the story, is now available as a plush toy!
At approximately 60 cm in length, the plush has a great sense of presence, and his cute sitting pose makes him very comfortable to the touch.

ボンド正面 PR TIMES


The form is perfect from any angle.

ボンドとアーニャ PR TIMES

The perfect size for hugging is also a great point.

ボンド抱きしめ PR TIMES

When you pet it, you can't get enough of its fluffy texture!


The Bond plushie is available for pre-order from October 17 (Mon.) to November 16 (Wed.), 2022, at animate , animate online store, Movic mail order, and other stores nationwide.
The release is scheduled for Friday, April 21, 2023.
Why don't you start a life with Bond at home?

Bond plushie" product information
Price 22,000 yen (including tax)
Size Height: approx. 66 x width: approx. 57 x depth: approx. 45 cm
Ordering period October 17 (Monday) - November 16 (Wednesday), 2022
Release date Scheduled to go on sale around April 21, 2023


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