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Video and game are free with a wide display of 21:9! SONY "Xperia 10 II" released!

21:9のワイドディスプレイで動画もゲームも自由自在!SONY「Xperia 10 II」発売!

Various Android smartphones are sold by various manufacturers, and among them, Sony's " Xperia " series boasts unshakable popularity and high performance.
Many people look forward to the release of new models so much that they say that Xperia is the only choice when it comes to Android phones.
The latest mid-range model in the Xperia series, the Xperia 10 II (Xperia 10 Mark II ), the pinnacle of Android smartphones, has been announced and is about to go on sale in Japan.

21:9 high resolution large screen

Xperia 10 II
Xperia 10 II
"Xperia 10 II"製品ページ

The most notable feature of the "Xperia 10 II" is its 21:9 large screen.
Although it may seem longer than other smartphones, 21:9 is almost the same ratio as that of a movie, making it the perfect ratio for watching videos.
The display fills the screen without black bands at the top and bottom, so you can enjoy a large, powerful image even though it is a smartphone.
The 6-inchOLED display with a full HD+ resolution of 2,520 x 1,080 produces beautiful images for both videos and games.

Simultaneous operation of two applications

Xperia 10 II
Xperia 10 II
"Xperia 10 II"製品ページ

The Xperia 10 II also offers the convenience of a 21:9 ratio screen.
Two apps can be used and displayed at the same time.
For example, while watching a video, you can look up items that appear in the video on a shopping site and purchase them as they appear.
This is a smart way to operate the apps without having to close the apps or prepare another device.
You can use the app in a variety of ways depending on the combination of apps, so try to find the way that suits you best.

High-performance camera with three lenses

Xperia 10 II
Xperia 10 II
"Xperia 10 II"製品ページ

The Xperia 10 II camera is equipped with three different lenses.
The " ultra wide-angle lens " allows you to capture dynamic expressions that include landscapes, the " standard lens " beautifully captures delicate details, and the " telephoto lens " allows you to get closer to the subject's expression. The "standard lens" captures delicate details beautifully.

Easy-to-use lightweight body and long battery life

Xperia 10 II
Xperia 10 II
"Xperia 10 II"製品ページ

Some may think that a 6-inch 21:9 large screen is too large to use, but Xperia 10 II is a safe bet.
The lightweight slim body weighs only 151g and has a width of 69mm, making it easy to operate even for those with small hands.
Despite its light weight, the battery has a large capacity of 3600 Ah, and Xperia's unique charging technology makes it resistant to deterioration even after two years of use, ensuring long-term, reliable use.
It is also waterproof, so it can be used anywhere, including around water.

Equipped with a high-resolution audio jack

Xperia 10 II
Xperia 10 II
"Xperia 10 II"製品ページ

SONY is known for its high-resolution audio. However, wireless connection is not sufficient for faithful reproduction of high-resolution audio.
Although recent smartphones have eliminated audio jacks and shifted toward wireless connections, the Xperia 10 II is equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack.
This means that devices such as high-resolution earphones and headphones can be connected without conversion, allowing users to immediately enjoy high-quality, high-resolution sound.

The phone will be available on three major carriers in Japan.

The Xperia 10 II will be available on three major carriers in Japan.
It will be available from docomo in late May 2020, au on Thursday, June 4, 2020, andYmobile, a SoftBank group company, on Friday, May 29, 2020.

Ymobile is also running a PayPay campaign!


Ymobile is holding a " Buy Xperia and get PayPay" campaign, in which customers who purchase "Xperia 10 II" from Ymobile will receive 5,000 yen worth of PayPay bonus, and those who purchase "Xperia 8" from Ymobile will receive 2. 500 yen worth of PayPay bonus, The campaign is currently underway, with purchasers of "Xperia 10 II" and "Xperia 8" on Ymobile receiving a PayPay bonus worth 5,000 yen and 2, 500 yen respectively.
The campaign ends on Monday, August 3, 2020 for "Xperia 10 II" and on Monday, August 10, 2020 for "Xperia 8", so those who are thinking of signing a new contract, changing models, or making a MNP purchase may want to consider it.

Also, if you haven't installed PayPay yet, this is a great opportunity to install PayPay (Android/iOS )!

For more information on the product, please visit the " Xperia 10 II" product page.

Xperia 10 II Specifications
Color Black / White / Mint / Blue
Black / White / Mint / Blue (au)
Size (W x H x D) Approx. 69mm x 157mm x 8.2mm
Weight Approx. 151g
Battery capacity 3600mAh (built-in battery)
OS Android 10
CPU Qualcomm® Snapdragon™665
External Storage microSD/microSDHC/microSDXC (up to 1TB)
Display Approx. 6.0 inches / OLED Triluminous Display for mobile / Full HD+
Main camera 16㎜(Ultra wide angle):Approx. 8.0 effective megapixels/F value 2.2
26㎜(Standard):About 12.0 effective megapixels/F value 2.0
52㎜(Telephoto): Approx. 8.0 effective megapixels/F value 2.4
Front camera Approx. 8.0 effective megapixels/F value 2.0
Wi-Fi IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth ver.5.0
External device USB Type-C
Waterproof/Dustproof Waterproof (IPX5/IPX8), dustproof (IP6X)
Accessories -Mobile phone
Osaifu-Keitai 0
Information acquisition/link (NFC) 0
Biometric authentication 0 (fingerprint)
3.5mm audio jack 0 (4-pole headset (CTIA standard compliant) compatible)
Full Seg/One Seg -/-
Wireless charging -/- Wireless charging
Japanese input system Gboard
Mail apps Gmail
Image viewing apps Google Photos


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