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SkyPAD Glass 2.0, a glass gaming mouse pad from Denmark!

デンマーク発のガラス製ゲーミングマウスパッド「SkyPAD Glass 2.0」発売!

For PC gamers, a mouse pad is just as important an item as a keyboard and mouse.
Many people are particular about the compatibility with their mouse, thickness, material, slip, size, etc., in order to ensure accurate mouse operation.
Recently, high-precision mouse pads such as the "NINJA RATMAT" ( gaming iron plate ) have been attracting attention, and the glass mouse pad "SkyPAD Glass 2.0" by the Danish company " SkyPAD Gaming " is now available in Japan. SkyPAD Glass 2.0", a glass mousepad made by the Danish company SkyPAD Gaming, is now available in Japan!

Handmade glass gaming mousepad

SkyPAD Glass 2.0
SkyPAD Glass 2.0

SkyPAD Glass 2.0 is a high-end glass gaming mousepad made by SkyPAD Gaming in Scandinavia, Denmark.
The owner of "SkyPAD Gaming" himself did not have the mousepad he wanted, so he created this mousepad in his basement, and it is handmade and carefully finished one by one.

SkyPAD Glass 2.0
SkyPAD Glass 2.0

The glass is hardened to increase its strength and tension, and the surface is sandblasted three times for a smooth finish.
The glass is easy to clean.
Please note that the SkyPAD Glass 2.0 is a very precise and advanced product and that the mouse may not work with some sensors.

Small production run, so watch out for availability!

The "SkyPAD Glass 2.0" is available now for 8,573 yen (tax included).
In Japan, it is available in four colors: black, red, blue, and green.
Due to the small amount of handmade production, the product will only be available on Amazon for the time being, and there are not many in stock, so if you want one, get it soon!
For more information about the product, please visit the official SkyPAD Gaming website ( in English) or the product page on Amazon!

SkyPAD Glass 2.0 Specifications
Surface Frosted glass (hardened and hardened, sandblasted 3 times, handmade)
Edge Edge treated
Rubber Feet Rubber feet made by 3M
Weight 1,000g
Dimensions 350x300x4mm (6mm thick including rubber feet)
Warranty None (exchange only for initial failure within 1 week)
Other When dirty, wipe the surface with a commercially available glass cleaner. To prevent the paint from peeling off, do not use any chemicals on the back surface.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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