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"Chainsaw Man" appeared as a 1/7 scale figure! Reservations will be accepted from July 5 (Tue)


The " Chainsaw Man " is characterized by hard battle scenes with blood and chunks of flesh splattered and comical character portraits.
Tatsuki Fujimoto, who made a splash with " Fire Punch," will begin serialization in " Weekly Shonen Jump " in 2019, with a total circulation of more than 13 million copies.
The teaser PV released on YouTube has received more than 13 million views and continues to gain momentum.
SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE FIGURE, a figure brand by eStream, a consolidated subsidiary of CyberZ, has announced the release of a 1/7th scale figure of " Censorman "!

1/7 scale figure of "Censorman" is now available!

"チェンソーマン"1/7スケールフィギュアPR TIMES

The "Chainsaw Man " is now available as a 1/7th scale figure!
The figure depicts the scene in which " Denji " transforms into "Chainsaw Man " and boldly slashes through zombie demons, and the powerful battle scene has been recreated down to the finest detail, with blood splatter and pieces of flesh attached to the chainsaw, as if you could hear the screams of the enemy at any moment! The powerful battle scenes have been reproduced in great detail!
Reservations will be accepted from July 5 (Tuesday ), and the price is 46,200 yen (tax included) The price is only $3.99!
Please take this opportunity to purchase!

Outline of the product
Product name 1/7 Scale Figure of "Censorman" Censorman
Size 1/7th scale painted PVC figure
Size Height 281mm x Width 241mm x Depth 256mm
Reservation period Tuesday, July 5, 2022 - Monday, October 31, 2022
Prototype Design COCO(Art Director: CHIGA)
Coloring Design COCO(Art Director: CHIGA)
Director MIKAKE
Production (Alpha Satellite Inc.
Distributed by (eStream Inc.
Price 46,200 yen (including tax)


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