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Sanwa Supply's popular gaming desk "100-DESKG003" is in stock again!


The gaming device industry has recently gone to the extent of making everything glow, from mice and keyboards to prepaid cards and masks.
In the midst of this trend, the " 100-DESKG003 " non-illuminated gaming desk released by Sanwa Supply Co., Ltd. in July 2020 was so well received for its design that pursued only functionality that it sold out within one and a half months of its release.
Now, the popular gaming desk " 100-DESKG003 " will be restocked!
As of November 13, 2020, it is now on sale at Sanwa Direct stores, a direct sales site operated by Sanwa Supply.


Gaming Desk "100-DESKG003" is designed for immersing yourself in gaming.

The " 100-DESKG003 " gaming desk is a desk that does not shine. Instead, it offers a full range of functionality.
Here are all the features that gamers have been looking for!

Wide size with a width of 140 cm

Dual displays are the norm for gamers!
The "100-DESKG003" is 140cm wide and designed to fit all your gaming devices!

Full-size desk mat that fits perfectly on the top panel

The "100-DESKG003" comes with a desk mat that is just the right size for the entire surface.
Even low-sensitivity users can run a mouse on it in any direction!

Two cable ducts for beautiful wiring

Even with the trend toward wireless devices, cables are still necessary for monitors and PCs.
The two cable ducts will help you solve the top ranking problem (according to the author's research) of "wiring" around your PC.

Includes headphone and drink holders

The left side of the desk has a headphone holder and the right side has a drink holder!
Headphones have a special shape that makes it difficult to find a place to put them after use...
With the headphone holders, you can simply hang them up and store them neatly!

The drink holder is also an excellent product to prevent accidental drinks, which is a threat around PCs where precision instruments are densely located.
I'll have to tell my friend who spilled cocoa while playing Fortnite...

Effective use of protruding space for monitor installation

The center of the back side of the desk protrudes 70 cm to accommodate a monitor.
This allows the front of the desk to be used in a larger area, and monitor arms can be placed in the indentations on either side!
This space can be used effectively even when the back of the desk is flush against a wall.

Dedicated tray for power strips

The back of the desk has a power strip tray!
You can have as many power outlets as you like for your PC, monitor, smartphone, router, desk light, etc.
The tray is on the back to keep it out of the way, but be aware that the cord length may be more than enough for some things.

The "100-DESKG003" gaming desk is a perfect fit for gamers.
It is a stylish product with a variety of useful features!
For details on price and dimensions, please visit the "100-DESKG003" product page on Sanwa Direct and other e-commerce sites.


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