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Two Sanwa Supply gaming bags that can store gaming devices will be released today, September 3!


Ltd., which handles a wide range of products from computer desks and keyboard covers to mobile batteries, has released gaming bags on its direct sales site " Sanwa Direct.
The " 200-BAGESP001BK " and " 200-BAGESP002BK " from Sanwa Supply are backpacks for gamers that can hold not only arcade controllers and headsets, but also hardware such as PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The "200-BAGESP002BK" and "200-BAGESP002BK" are backpacks for gamers that can hold arcade controllers and headsets as well as hardware like PS4 and Nintendo Switch.
All of the design features have been thoughtfully designed to accommodate gaming devices.

A must-have gaming bag for gamers.

Large size for all devices

The 200-BAGESP001BK and 200-BAGESP002BK are large backpacks that are ideal for carrying a full-size gaming keyboard, PS4, or even arcade controllers, the bane of fighting gamers. The "BAGESP002BK" is a large backpack that is ideal for carrying full-size gaming keyboards and PS4s as well as arcade controllers, which are the main concern for fighting gamers.
The backpack also comes with a special cover to protect the sticks of the arcade controller, making it a truly "gamer-friendly" product.

Example of an arcade controller that can be stored

The size of the backpack is 300 mm (width) x 140 mm (depth) x 485 mm (height).
Compatible arcade game consoles are

  • HORI Real Arcade Pro HAYABUSA
  • HORI Real Arcade Pro Pro V HAYABUSA
  • HORI Fighting Edge
  • Qanba Arcade Joystick Obsidian
  • Victrix Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick
  • Mad Cats Arcade Fight Stick TE2+
  • Hit Box Arcade hitBOX

...and many other models can be transported.

Two shock-absorbing pads that can be used freely

Gaming devices are precision instruments and should not be subjected to shocks.
If your gaming device is damaged due to an unintentional bump while being carried around, you will not be able to count on it.
The 200-BAGESP001BK and 200-BAGESP002BK come with two cushioning pads that can be wrapped or sandwiched in any way you like.
They can be used in a variety of ways, such as wrapping around or between the pads. They protect your valuable gaming device from external shocks and allow you to carry it with ease.

Pockets for small storage

The headset can be stored in a surprisingly neat manner by using the dedicated headset holder inside the bag.
There is also a pocket for storing small items, such as controllers, mice, mobile batteries, and various cables, which tend to get scattered around inside the bag.

Available in matte or glossy fabric

Two types of bags were released this time: the matte fabric "200-BAGESP001BK" and the glossy fabric "200-BAGESP002BK".
Both are black in color, but with or without a glossy finish, the atmosphere is completely different.
Since the product names are similar, please be careful not to make a mistake when ordering.
For more information on the product, check the Sanwa Direct product page!

Product Overview
Color Black
Size Approx. W340 x D240 x H530mm (excluding handle and backpack belt portion)
Weight Approx. 1.06kg
Inner bag size Approx. W300 x D140 x H485mm (excluding handles and protective cover)
Material (outer cover) Nylon, polyester
Accessories Inner bag, Shock pad x 2
Price 11,800 yen (including tax)


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