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Glow freely!? The ROG Delta S Animate headset equipped with an AniMe Matrix is now available!

自在に光る!?AniMe Matrixを搭載したヘッドセット「ROG Delta S Animate」が新発売!

ROG (Republic Of Gamer)" is a gaming brand by ASUS for all gamers.
ROG (Republic Of Gamer) is a gaming brand developed by ASUS that offers a wide range of high-quality gaming devices, including gaming PCs, keyboards, mice, and headsets, and many gamers are wearing "ROG" all over their bodies.
ROG has released the " ROG Delta S Animate ", a headset equipped with its proprietary AniMe Matrix display technology, on April 28, 2022!
Speaking of AniMe Matrix displays, the funglr Games editorial team recently reviewed the ROG ZEPHYRUS G14, a gaming notebook with a stylish top panel.
Next to the top panel, let's make the headset shine!

ノートPCにステッカーを貼る時代は終わった!?光る天板でおしゃれできるASUS「ROG ZEPHYRUS G14」をレビュー!

Style it your way with AniMe Matrix!

Proprietary "AniMe Matrix" technology
"ROG Delta S Animate"製品ページ

AniMe Matrix is a unique ROG technology that was first introduced in the world with the G14 gaming notebook.
The countless LED lights are controlled by the ASUS software " Armoury Crate " and can be freely illuminated for self-expression.
The new ROG Delta S Animate headset is equipped with an AniMe Matrix display consisting of 245 mini LEDs that can be customized to create unique animations and live audio visualizations.
It also features a soundwave light effect that flashes in response to voices passing through the headset, making it a design you'll want to show off at conventions and LAN parties.
It's sure to look great on game streaming!

Unparalleled Sound

ハイレゾ対応ESS 9281 Quad DAC
ESS 9281 Quad DAC for high-resolution

While the glowing AniMe Matrix display may catch the eye, the headset's functionality is also top-notch.
The high-resolution ESS 9281 Quad DAC with four DACs (digital-to-analog converters) for each frequency band (low, mid, high, and ultra-high) delivers clearer sound.
With a signal-to-noise ratio of an astounding 130dB, it's a powerful weapon, especially in shooting games where hearing subtle sounds can make the difference between winning and losing!

AI Noise Canceling Microphone

For comfortable voice chat and game distribution, you need to pay attention to the environment around you, but many people cannot handle the voices of their family members or the sounds of daily life.
The ROG Delta S Animate is equipped with the ASUS AI Noise Cancelling Microphone, which reduces over 500 million types of background noise.
A dedicated processor that enhances and maintains audio harmonics also works to reduce all background noise, including keyboard and mouse clicks, by up to 95%.
An audio demo of the ASUS AI Noise Cancelling Microphone can be heard on the official ROG website.

Designed for Gamers

Comfortable to wear

The ROG Delta S Animate weighs only 310 grams!
It can be used for long hours of gameplay without tiring.
The ergonomically developed D-shaped ear cups reduce unnecessary contact area with the ears by up to 20%.
The first thing you feel when you play games for a long time is headset fatigue.
Now you can say goodbye to neck and shoulder fatigue!

Two types of customizable ear cups

Two types of ear cups
"ROG Delta S Animate"製品ページ

When choosing a headset, you should always consider the ear cups.
Each user has his or her own preference since they are in direct contact with the ears and head.
Currently, the most common types are mesh and leather, but the ROG Delta S Animate comes with both types, and you can change them at will!
The fact that two types are included from the beginning means that you can put the other one on when you take care of it for a sustainable headset life (?).

The " ROG Hybrid Ear C ushions" are mesh-type ear cups.
It is made of protein leather and fabric mesh, making it thick yet breathable.
The fit is excellent, and you won't mind wearing them for long periods of time!
By the way, the author prefers the mesh type.

The " Fast cooling protein leather cushion " is a leather type ear cup.
By using 100% protein leather and quick-cooling memory foam, it overcomes the weak point of leather-type ear cups, which is "stuffiness when wearing "!
Is it just me, or does the leather ear cups look more luxurious and sound better?

ROG Delta S Animate" combines looks and functionality

ROG Delta S Animate
ROG Delta S Animate

Gaming devices that simply glow in rainbow colors are out of date.
Now it's time to make them glow with animation!
The ROG Delta S Animate supports both USB-C and USB-A connections, so it can be used with PCs, home gaming consoles, and mobile devices such as smartphones.

For more information on the ROG Delta S Animate, please visit the ROG Delta S Animate product page and follow the official ROG Twitter account!

Product Overview
Product name ROG Delta S Animate
Product Type USB headset
Weight 310 g
Connection Type Wired
Connections USB-A, USB-C
Supported platforms PC, MAC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch
Screwdriver size 50mm
Included accessories Detachable microphone, User guide, ROG Hybrid ear cushions, USB-C to USB-A adapter


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