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Make your multi-display ultra-wide! "ROG Bezel Free Kit ABF01" Announced

マルチディスプレイをウルトラワイドに!「ROG Bezel Free Kit ABF01」を発表

ASUS, which has released a number of gaming devices, will release the " ROG Bezel Free Kit ABF01," which makes multiple monitors look like a single monitor.
This product uses light refraction to hide the bezels of monitors in a multi-display environment, making them appear as a single ultra-wide display.
The product will be available from June 26, 2020 (Friday ).

It's like magic! Get an ultrawide display with easy installation!

ROG Bezel Free Kit

The "ROG Bezel Free Kit ABF01" uses optical microstructures to make the bezels of multiple monitors invisible by refracting light.
The screen, which was divided by the bezel, is projected as if it were a single ultrawide display, making the game immersive to a greater degree than ever before.
It is extremely simple, with only three components. Installation is as simple as placing the lens over the seam of the display and securing the top and bottom with special clips.
The lens is compatible with displays up to 27" in size and can be used as an ultrawide display for a variety of displays.

ROG Bezel Free Kit

The material used for the lens is transparent thermoplastic PET, which is more durable than glass and can transmit 90% of the light emitted by the display.
Although the image under the lens will be slightly darker, the absence of the bezel will take the visual experience during game play to the next level.
It is optimized for use at a 130-degree angle, which was derived through ASUS' in-house testing, to provide the best balance of comfort and immersion.

Launch is scheduled for June 26, 2020.

Those who have been curious about ultrawide displays but have been unable to afford them should try the "ROG Bezel Free Kit ABF01".
The product is scheduled to go on sale on Friday, June 26, 2020. For more information about the product and compatible displays, please visit the ASUS product page.

ROG Bezel Free Kit ABF01
Included items Lenses x 2, Clips x 4
Material PET+Film (Lens), ABS+Rubber (Clip)
Weight 54g (Lens), 51g (Clip)
Compatible models VG245G, VG245HE, VG245HY, VG245Q, VG248QG, VG255H, VG258Q, VG258QR, VG259Q, VG259QM, VG278Q, VG278QE, VG278QF, VG278QR, VG279Q, VG279QM, VG27AQ, VG 27AQE, VG27BQ, MG248QR, MG248QE, XG258Q, PG248Q, PG258Q, PG278Q, PG278QR, PG278QE, PG279Q, PG279QE, PG279QZ, PG27AQ
(Including models not yet released in Japan)
Product Warranty 1-year warranty in Japan from the date of purchase
Price Open price
Scheduled release date Friday, June 26, 2020


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