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High-end statues of Jill Valentine and Nemesis from "Resident Evil 3" are open for reservation now!

High-end statues of Jill Valentine and Nemesis from

Prime 1 Studios is a leading producer of fascinating worldwide character content.
From the popular survival horror "Resident Evil 3" comes the main character "Jill Valentine" and her tracker "Nemesis"!


Jill Valentine DX Version

ジル・バレンタイン DX版
Front / Back
Expression and accessories

Fully supervised by Capcom's development team!
Jill Valentine has been faithfully sculpted as she attempts to escape from the horror and tragedy of the unprecedented "biohazard" that has struck Raccoon City!
She is posed running through the city, leaning forward as if she were an athlete, and her realistic skin is reproduced to convey a sense of urgency from the sweat and dust that cling to her body.
Head parts with two different facial expressions are available.
You can create various scenes with this figure.


To enhance her charm and deepen your immersion in the game world, the diorama features a layout of fallen colored cones, collapsed cobblestones, and zombie chasing after Jill!
There are also streetlights with built-in LEDs to illuminate the intricate modeling and paintwork.
In addition, the zombie dog Cerberus is included only in this DX version!
Enjoy the terror of being chased to your heart's content!

Nemesis DX Version

ネメシス DX版
Front / Rear

Capcom's development team has also faithfully sculpted Nemesis, the tracker that hunts down the heroes as they face off against biohazard!
The pose of Nemesis slowly walking toward his target, his huge black-clad body, the details and textures of his deformed head and mechanical heart create an eerie atmosphere!
The dull sheen of the paintwork is also noteworthy!


The rocket launcher that is synonymous with Nemesis is also included!
The huge size and reality of the rocket launcher reminds us of its overwhelming destructive power!
In addition, the left hand part includes a normal open hand as well as a version with the tentacles extended, so you can recreate the scene of your choice!

Recreate the extreme escape!


Combine the "Jill Valentine DX Version" and "Nemesis DX Version" (sold separately) to create a diorama of an extreme getaway!
Add the horror of a looming biological weapon to your collection!

Prices start at 200,000 yen! Now accepting reservations!


"Resident Evil 3 Jill Valentine DX Edition" is available for pre-order now for 200,090 yen ($1,442.01) and "Resident Evil 3 Nemesis DX Edition" is available for 214,390 yen ($1,545.32)!
The prices are high, but the quality is also top quality!

Also, even Jill has a height of 50 cm and a weight of 15.7 kg.
Nemesis is even more oversized, standing 92 cm tall and weighing 31.5 kg!
Resident Evil fans may want to consider making a reservation.
Note that those who order one of the two can use a coupon for a 7,500 yen($54.07) discount on the other!
So if you've got some extra cash in your wallet, be sure to get your complete package for a bargain!

キューティ1プラス Resident Evil 3 コンプリートセット
Cutie 1 Plus Resident Evil 3 Complete Set

Also available for pre-order at a relatively affordable price is the "Cutie 1 Plus" complete set, which includes the cute, plush "Jill Valentine," "Nemesis," and "Ricker" figures.
For more information, please visit the official Prime 1 Studio website.

Jill Valentine DX Edition Product Information
Product name Resident Evil 3 Jill Valentine DX Edition
Price 200,090 yen ($1,442.01)
Release Date October 2023 - January 2024
Series Resident Evil 3
Format Ultimate Premium Masterline
Size / Weight 1/4 scale / Approx. 15.7kg
Jill Valentine: Height 50cm, width 41cm, depth 46cm
Cerberus: Height 35cm, width 16cm, depth 45cm
Material Polystone (some parts made of other materials)
Product page https://statue.prime1studio.co.jp/re3-jill-valentine-upmre3-01dx.html
Nemesis DX Version Product Information
Product name Resident Evil 3 Nemesis DX Edition
Price 214,390 yen ($1,545.32)
Release Date October 2023 - January 2024
Series Resident Evil 3
Format Ultimate Premium Masterline
Size / Weight 1/4 scale / Weight approx. 31.5kg
Height 92cm, Width 51cm, Depth 63cm
Material Polystone (some parts made of other materials)
Product page https://statue.prime1studio.co.jp/re3-nemesis-upmre3-02dx.html
99973High-end statues of Jill Valentine and Nemesis from
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