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Wings of Heartbeat this fall! Limited edition flavor "Red Edition" from Red Bull appeared!


September 2022 is in the second half of the year.
The lingering summer heat is beginning to settle down, and the number of days when we can hear the footsteps of autumn is increasing.
While the cooler weather makes it easier to spend time in the city, it also makes it easier to get sick as the mornings and evenings suddenly become cooler.
Energy drinks are the best source of energy at such times.
In addition to the standard flavors, limited edition flavors released in the summer are still available this time of year, but most of them are crisp and refreshing for summer, and I would like to have something with a different taste for the cooler days ahead.
Just as we were looking for autumn flavors, Red Bull, a pioneer in the energy drink industry in Japan, has announced its limited edition flavors for this fall!

レッドブルの夏の新フレーバー、ココロ波打つライチ味「レッドブル・エナジードリンク ブルーエディション」をレビューしてみた!

Red Edition" is now available!

レッドブル・エナジードリンク レッドエディション
Red Bull Energy Drink Red Edition

Red Bull has announced a new limited edition flavor called " Red Bull Energy Drink Red Edition "!
There have been limited edition red flavors in the past, such as "Ruby Edition," but now the " Red Edition" of the " Red Bull" is finally available.
The package is bright red, reminiscent of autumn leaves, and this time it seems to be flavored with strawberry, another red fruit. Of course, it is juice-free.
Strawberries will be in season through the coming fall and winter, so this flavor is perfect for the coming season, don't you think?
Red Bull Energy Drink Red Edition" will be released on September 27, 2022 (Tuesday)! Let's try it and see what it tastes like!
For more information, please check the official Red Bull website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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