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Gaming custom favorite "REALRORCE R3"! "Color key cap set for R3 hybrid model" appeared!

愛用の「REALFORCE R3」をゲーミングカスタム!「R3ハイブリッドモデル用カラーキーキャップセット」登場!

Topre's REALFORCE series of Japanese-quality keyboards are loved by programmers, designers, and engineers around the world.
Many of the funglr Games editors, including the author, are also loyal users, and the sound of the REALFORCE keyboard is still echoing in the editorial office today.
The REALFORCE is priced higher than the average keyboard, but the capacitive non-contact switches make it last much longer.
My REALFORCE is 10 years old, and it is still typing this text today.
Since it is such a high-performance keyboard, of course gaming keyboards are also on the market.
The "REALFORCE RGB" series with LEDs and the "ARESPEAR" keyboards for Konami's eSports device " ARESPEARK100F " and " ARESPEAR K100L " are also available. The "REALFORCE RGB" series and Konami's "ARESPEAR" e-sports device "ARESPEAR K100F" and "ARESPEAR K100L" are all produced by REALFORCE.
The "REALFORCE RGB" series and "ARESPEAR K100F" and "ARESPEAR K100L" are also great products, but there are only a few choices in the lineup. There must be many people who would like to use their favorite REALFORCE with gaming specifications.
For those people, we have released a keycap that will add a stylish touch to your REALRORCE !


Colorful keycaps for the REALFORCE R3

The new product on the market is the " R3 Color Keycap Set", a set of replacement keycaps for the latest " REALFORCE R3 " hybrid model with Japanese keyboard layout.
There are two types of keycaps : 118 keys for the full keyboard and48 keys for the character keys only, with a total lineup of 16 types in 8 colors: blue, red, green, pink, yellow, purple, super white, and dark gray, respectively.


The image shows 118 keys.

You can express your individuality by combining your favorite color keycaps with your favorite "REALFORCE R3" to create your favorite design, making it even more fun to use the keyboard for work, hobbies, and games.
Of course, you can also create your own "REALFORCE R3" by combining two or three colors, or by using the panel design kit for "REALFORCE R3" that is already on the market. The REALFORCE R3! Not only does the keyboard light up, it is also a gaming keyboard!

Because the REALFORCE can be used for a long time with its capacitive non-contact switches, the printing on the keys will gradually wear off and the keys will deteriorate.
Although this is also a medal of honor, replacing the keys will allow you to use the product with a new feeling, and you will also be able to use it again for a long time.
If you are going to go to the trouble of replacing keys, making them fashionable is also an option!
Let's make "REALFORCE R3" your own gaming specs!
The "Color Keycap Set for R3 Hybrid Model" will be available from March 25, 2022 (Friday )! The price will be 11,800 yen (tax included) for each color of 118 keys and5,830 yen (tax included) for each color of 48 keys.
For details, please check the "Color Keycap Set for R3 Hybrid Model" product page!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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