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Improve sound quality while converting to USB! Razer's portable DAC amplifier "THX Onyx" announced!

USBに変換しつつ音質アップ!RazerのポータブルDACアンプ「THX Onyx」発表!

Razer " is a long-established manufacturer that has released many high-performance gaming devices.
Recently, Razer has released a gaming straw that can be washed and reused repeatedly in consideration of environmental issues, but as one would expect from a well-established manufacturer, the high specifications of their devices are well documented.
The list of popular products is endless, but audio devices such as headsets are extremely popular.
However, while many audio devices use 3.5mm plugs, smartphones have recently lost their earphone jacks, making them difficult to use.
Some smartphones come with a conversion plug that can be connected to the smartphone's jack so that it can still be used, but some people do not want to affect the sound by passing it through a high-quality headset.
If that's the case, why not use a conversion plug that improves the sound?
Razer has just announced the "THX Onyx" portable DAC amplifier!

今どきのゲーマーは環境を考える!ゲーミングストロー「Razer Reusable Straw」登場!

Just plugging it in improves sound quality!

THX Onyx
THX Onyx
"THX Onyx"製品ページ

Razer's " THX Onyx" is a portable DAC amp that improves sound quality just by plugging in a 3.5mm plug, converting it to USB Type-A/C, and allowing it to connect to compatible devices.
It not only converts to USB Type-A/C, but also uses Razer's proprietary audio technology, THX AAA technology, which allows high quality and high pressure sound to be reproduced while reducing noise and distortion.

THX Onyx
THX Onyx
"THX Onyx"製品ページ

The DAC section uses the " ESS 9281PRO DAC ".
While achieving the highest dynamic range in its class, distortion is kept to a minimum, allowing you to enjoy studio-quality sound even when you are on the go.

THX Onyx
THX Onyx
"THX Onyx"製品ページ

The main unit and USB port have built-in magnets for cabling without disturbing wiring and for compact portability when not in use.
The main unit has a sturdy CNC-machined metal chassis, so you can be assured of durability when frequently carrying it around.

THX Onyx
THX Onyx
"THX Onyx"製品ページ

It is compatible with either the audio device to which it is connected with or without a microphone.
Sed sets and other devices with microphones can also get high sound quality without sacrificing that convenience.

You need an audio device that can play!

The THX Onyx is available now for US$199.99 and can be purchased from the official Razer THX Onyx product page.
There is no announcement regarding the release of the product in Japan at this time, but since portable DAC amplifiers are in high demand in Japan, there may be some announcement in the near future. Let's wait for further news!
THX Onyx" is a device that is placed between the audio device and the device that is playing back the music.
If the original sound quality of the sound source is too low, or if the quality of the final audio device is poor, you will not get the maximum effect.
While it may be difficult to make drastic changes to the sound source, it is relatively easy to install a new audio device. If you are not satisfied with the sound when connected to "THX Onyx", you may want to consider installing a better audio device.
For more information, please visit the THX Onyx product page on Razer's official website!


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