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Gamers also fashionable from their feet! CARIUMA × Razer's sustainable gaming sneakers are here!

ゲーマーもオシャレは足元から!CARIUMA × Razerのサステナブルゲーミングスニーカーが登場!

Razer " is probably the first name that comes to mind for many people when they think of a long-established manufacturer that has released numerous gaming devices.
Razer's high-performance devices are loved not only by gamers, but also by IT professionals around the world who use them not only for private use but also for work.
Razer also collaborates with a variety of other companies, and some of its most popular products have been designed with popular works and characters, such as "Genshin Impact" and "Hello Kitty and Friends," while others have been designed with the "Razer X Frendz" and "Razer X Frendz. quot; Razer X Fossil Gen 6 Smartwatch ", which adds Razer's essence and design to popular items.
Now, a new product is joining this collaboration! The first ever gaming sneakers !

The hottest sneakers made of natural materials have collaborated with Razer!

This time, a shoe brand " CARIUMA " from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Razer have collaborated on a new product!
CARIUMA is also a brand that has attracted attention because some athletes wore their shoes in the skateboarding competition at the Tokyo Olympics to be held in the summer of 2021.
CARIUMA is an environmentally conscious brand that uses high quality natural materials in its factories, and is environmentally conscious in everything from packaging to delivery, so a collaboration with Razer, which continues to confront environmental issues, was a natural choice.
The " Sneki Snek " baby snake, which is depicted on Razer's most sustainable products, is also part of the eco-friendly design.

Sneki Snek x Cariuma OCA
Sneki Snek x Cariuma OCA
"Sneki Snek x Cariuma OCA"製品ページ

CARIUMA's main products are "OCA," a classic canvas sneaker, and "CATIBA," a cool retro skate shoe. OCA " is easy to match with your everyday style.
The "Sneki Snek" is featured on all four designs: low-cut and high-cut in all black, and low-cut and high-cut in black and white, with Razer's brand color, green, used as an accent.
The organic cotton canvas sole is made of natural rubber. The "CARIUMA" construction, including a 100% vegan insole made from cork, memory foam, and mammona oil, guarantees not only design but also excellent comfort.


The shoes are also available with black and green two-tone laces, which can be replaced to give a different pop impression.

Sneki Snek x Cariuma OCA
Sneki Snek x Cariuma OCA
"Sneki Snek x Cariuma OCA"製品ページ

For every pair sold, 10 trees will be saved!

Since this is a collaboration between Razer and "CARIUMA," a company that works on environmental issues, it is not just about eco-friendly materials.
Since both companies are committed to a greener, cleaner ocean and a more sustainable world, every pair of "Sneki Snek x Cariuma OCA" sold will contribute to saving 10 trees!
It's not easy for an individual to save trees, but with "Sneki Snek x Cariuma OCA", you not only get a pair of stylish and comfortable sneakers, but you can also save trees! What more can you ask for?
The low-cut model is available in all black, black and white for US$89, and the high-cut model is available in all black, black and white for US$98.
The "Sneki Snek x Cariuma OCA" will begin shipping on February 4, 2022 local time.
The Sneki Snek x Cariuma OCA will be available for purchase from the official Razer website and the official CARIUMA website, but the number of available sizes is dwindling by the minute.
If you are interested in purchasing, please do so as soon as possible!
For more information, please visit the "Sneki Snek x Cariuma OCA" product page!


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