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THX-certified Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphone "Razer OPUS" announced!

THX認証のBluetoothノイズキャンセリングヘッドホン「Razer OPUS」発表!

Razer " is a gaming device manufacturer based in San Francisco, California.
Razer's high quality gaming devices are used by many people not only for gaming but also for other purposes.
Razer has now announced the "Razer OPUS", a Bluetooth noise canceling headphone that specializes in high-quality sound!

THX Certification" for high quality sound

Razer OPUS
Razer OPUS
"Razer OPUS"製品ページ

The Razer OPUS headphones have been optimized by the experts at THX Ltd. to provide an immersive cinematic audio experience.
The frequency is adjusted to avoid distortion when the output is increased, and the sound insulation is designed to prevent the sound from leaking out of the headphones.

Eliminating Ambient Noise

Razer OPUS
Razer OPUS
"Razer OPUS"製品ページ

The Razer OPUS features advanced active noise cancellation technology.
By eliminating the ambient noise, users can immerse themselves even more in the high-quality sound.

Comfortable to use

Razer OPUS
Razer OPUS
"Razer OPUS"製品ページ

Over-the-ear headphones can cause ear and head pain due to tightness after wearing them for a long time. This is why some people do not like to wear headphones.
The Razer OPUS headphones feature soft leatherette memory foam cushions with a balanced weight and tightness to keep you comfortable even after long periods of use.
When you want to hear the sounds around you, press and hold the active noise canceling button to activate the quick attention mode. The volume of the ambient sound is increased so you don't have to worry about missing announcements and other sounds.

The connection supports not only Bluetooth, but also 3.5 mm jack connection, so you can use the device in environments where Bluetooth is not available or when the battery runs out.

A flight adapter and carrying case are also included for worry-free transportation.

Razer OPUS
Razer OPUS
"Razer OPUS"製品ページ

Volume up/down button and multi-function button on the left ear cup. The right ear cup has the power button, active noise canceling/environment recognition button, 3.5mm jack, and USB Type-C port for charging, making it simple and easy to use.
The volume control is a nice touch, as physical buttons are sometimes easier to use.
The headphones also support auto pause/playback, which automatically stops playback sound when the headphones are removed or placed around the neck, and automatically starts playback from the beginning when the headphones are put on.

Now available at the official store!

The "Razer OPUS" is now available at the official Razer Store for 24,888 yen.
The popular SONY WH-1000XM3 is priced at 37,000 yen, so this is a product with not only excellent performance, but also excellent cost performance.
Over-the-ear Bluetooth headphones are excellent in terms of sound and battery life, and are quite convenient, so we recommend them!
For more information, please visit the " Razer OPUS" product page!

Razer OPUS" Specifications
Brief description THX certified headphones
Advanced Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology
Comfort design
Quick Attention Mode
Auto pause/play
Technical Specifications Drivers: 2x40mm dynamic drivers
Weight: 265g
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
Microphones: 4 for Hybrid Active Noise Canceling Technology, 2 for voice chat
Wearing Style: Circum-Aural
Package includes: Headset, premium carry case, flight adapter, 1.5m long 3.5mm analog cable, 30cm long USB-C to USB-C cable, USB-A to USB-C adapter
Battery life: up to 25 hours
Bluetooth 4.2


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