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Razer's first ergonomic gaming chair "Razer Iskur" to be released in Japan

Razer初のエルゴノミックゲーミングチェア「Razer Iskur」の日本発売が決定

Razer, a San Francisco, California-based gaming device manufacturer, announced today that its first ergonomic gaming chair, the Razer Iskur, will be available in Japan in October 2020.

Ergonomically designed gaming chair

The " Razer Is kur" is an ergonomically designed ergonomic gaming chair.

Razer Iskur
Razer Iskur
"Razer Iskur"製品ページ

Unlike most fixed lumbar supports that change over time or are not adjustable, the Razer Iskur features an ergonomic lumbar support system that is adjustable.
The curved lumbar support, which snuggles snugly against the back and hips, is finely adjustable to help maintain the user's ideal posture and provide a comfortable sitting position.

Razer Iskur
Razer Iskur
"Razer Iskur"製品ページ

The upholstery is made of multi-layer synthetic leather, which is sturdier and more durable than standard PU leather.
It is designed to be resistant to pattern even after prolonged use, so it can be used with confidence in daily use.
High-density foam cushions are used as cushioning material.
When weight is placed on the cushion, it sinks into the body shape of each user, making it easier to sit for long periods of time without getting tired.

Razer Iskur
Razer Iskur
"Razer Iskur"製品ページ

Equipped with 4D armrests that can be adjusted up and down, back and forth, left and right, and inward and outward.
The armrests can be adjusted to the best position according to the user and the situation in which they are used.

Razer Iskur
Razer Iskur
"Razer Iskur"製品ページ

The headrest has a memory foam cushion that conforms to the shape of the user's head, providing support for correct posture and comfort when the user wants to relax.

A video showing the lumbar support, reclining, and other features of the "Razer Iskur" is now available for viewing.
A special page with more detailed information about the Razer Iskur and advice on how to use it comfortably is also available on the website.

Release date and price

The "Razer Iskur" will be released on Friday, November 27, 2020. The suggested retail price is 76,780 yen (including tax).
The main unit comes assembled, but a video showing how to assemble it has been released, and it appears to be relatively easy to assemble.

When sitting in a chair for long periods of time, a good chair not only improves concentration and accuracy of work, but also reduces the burden on the body.
The "Razer Iskur," created by Razer, a company that knows gamers inside and out, will provide the best possible comfort for gaming, work, hobbies, and everyday use.
For more information and to purchase, please visit the " Razer Iskur" product page.

Razer Iskur Specifications
Color Black
Size mm (W x D x H) 665 mm x 745 mm x 1370 mm
Weight 30.3 kg
Warranty Period 3 years
Accessories Logo sticker, neck pillow
Remarks Conformable lumbar support
Multi-layered synthetic leather provides superior abrasion resistance for extended use
High-density foam cushioning for support and comfort
Padded memory foam shift + click 4D armrest positioning
Steel-reinforced body and angled seat edge designed for easy transport
Memory foam head cushion


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