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Razer's simple model of the gaming chair "Iskur" "Razer Iskur X" will be released in Japan!

Razerのゲーミングチェア「Iskur」のシンプルモデル「Razer Iskur X」日本国内発売が決定!

Razer is a gaming device manufacturer based in San Francisco, California.
Recently, Razer has been working on environmental issues and has released gaming masks, gaming straws, andgaming boats, but its core business is gaming devices.
While the company has released a number of high-spec devices, surprisingly, the "Razer Iskur," released in 2020, is the first gaming chair to be released by the company.
It took a long time for Razer to enter the market, but it is a super high-performance chair that seems to be packed with all the features of a gaming chair, but it is one of the most expensive gaming chairs on the market, priced at around 76,000 yen.
We know it's a Razer item, so we know it's a sure thing, but for those of you who have been lamenting that the price tag is a bit steep, we have good news!
The Razer Iskur X, a simpler version of the Razer Iskur, is now available in Japan!

Razer初のエルゴノミックゲーミングチェア「Razer Iskur」の日本発売が決定

Redesigned with the same materials and simplicity

The "Razer Iskur X" is an ergonomic gaming chair that has been redesigned to be simpler, while maintaining the popular materials of the "Razer Iskur".

Razer Iskur X
Razer Iskur X
"Razer Iskur X"製品ページ

The seat edge is uniquely shaped and optimally angled so that users do not get tired even after sitting for long periods of time.
The ergonomic design provides freely adjustable recline, tilt, and height to support the best posture for the person sitting in the chair.

Razer Iskur X
Razer Iskur X
"Razer Iskur X"製品ページ

The material used is multi-layered synthetic leather, which is sturdier and more durable than regular PU leather.
The leather is resistant to peeling even after prolonged daily use.

Razer Iskur X
Razer Iskur X
"Razer Iskur X"製品ページ

The seat surface features a high-density foam cushion that conforms to the weight of the user's body and provides support.
This makes it easier to get tired and less likely to hurt your buttocks even if you continue to sit on it.

Razer Iskur X
Razer Iskur X
"Razer Iskur X"製品ページ

The Razer Iskur X is the same as the Razer Iskur already on the market, but it omits the adjustable lumbar support.
The armrests have also been simplified by replacing the 4D armrests with 2D armrests!
The Razer Iskur's finely adjustable lumbar support is great, but some people have a favorite cushion that they don't use very often, and some people don't need as much fine adjustment as a 4D armrest.
For those people, the simplicity and affordability of the Razer Iskur X is perfect!

Affordability at a fraction of the price

The Razer Iskur X will be available in Japan on June 25, 2021!
The price is 49,800 yen (including tax),almost 26,000 yen less than the "Razer Iskur".
This price was achieved by simplifying the design and not including a head cushion.
Some people may even prefer this model because they can choose their favorite cushions.
With the "Razer Iskur X", you can enjoy a comfortable gaming life at an affordable price, with the best seating comfort, sturdy design, and the ability to choose your own cushions!
For more information, please visit the " Razer Iskur X" product page!

Razer Iskur X" Specifications
Color Black
Size (W x D x H) 710mm x 635mm x 1275 - 1370mm (with height adjustment)
Weight 31.4kg
Warranty Period 3 years
Included accessories Logo sticker
Remarks Multi-layered synthetic leather provides superior abrasion resistance for extended use.
High-density foam cushioning for support and comfort
2D armrests for position adjustment
Steel-reinforced body and angled seat edge for easy transport


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