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Yellow switch version appeared in the classic gaming keyboard Razer "BlackWidow" Japanese array model


Razer, a San Francisco, California-based gaming device manufacturer, has announced the " Razer BlackWidow JP - Yellow Switch," a Japanese-language version of the Razer BlackWidow keyboard, which has become a staple among gamers. Razer announced the "Razer BlackWidow JP - Yellow Switch ", a Japanese-language model of the "Razer BlackWidow" keyboard, which is a staple among gamers.


Razer Yellow Switch" model for high-speed input

Razer BlackWidow JP - Yellow Switch
Razer BlackWidow JP - Yellow Switch

The "BlackWidow" Japanese model had only been available with the "Razer Green Switch," but now a model with the "Razer Yellow Switch" has been added to the lineup.
The "Razer Yellow Switch" is a linear type mechanical switch that does not have a clicking sensation, and the load gradually increases as the key is pressed down.
The actuation point is 1.2mm shallower than that of general mechanical switches, and the pressing pressure is 45g.
Therefore, it responds accurately even to light touch input, and can be operated accurately even in situations that require continuous input or instant reaction.

Razer BlackWidow JP - Yellow Switch
Razer BlackWidow JP - Yellow Switch

The existing "BlackWidow" Japanese- and US-array models are still equipped with the user-favorite features such as Razer Chroma, which controls LED lighting, Razer Hypershift, which can be used for different key mapping by pressing and holding any key , and onboard memory that can store up to five profiles. user-favorite features such as onboard memory that can store up to five profiles remain unchanged.

Release Date and Price

"Razer BlackWidow JP - Yellow Switch" was just released on April 24, 2020. The price is 10,800 yen (tax included).
Until now, the only "BlackWidow" model with Japanese layout was the "Razer Green Switch," but now that a model with the "Razer Yellow Switch" has appeared, many gamers who have been reluctant to purchase a "BlackWidow" model because of the switch are now able to purchase one. The introduction of the "Razer Yellow Switch" model will make it possible for many gamers who could not take the plunge to purchase a Razer Switch because of the switch to become a "standard" model.
For more information on the "BlackWidow", please visit the "BlackWidow" product page.

Razer BlackWidow JP - Yellow Switch
Color Black
Approximate size (L x W x H) Approx. 446 x 166 x 42 mm
Approximate weight 1,248g
Cable length Approx. 1.9m
Layout Japanese layout
Press pressure 45g
Actuation point 1.2mm
Reset point 1.2mm
Key stroke 3.5mm
Keyswitch type Razer Yellow Switch
Anti-ghosting function Supported
Maximum Number of Simultaneous Keys N-key rollover
Gaming Mode Equipped with
Backlight Onboard (individual customization and Razer Chroma support)
Onboard Memory Hybrid support (onboard & cloud)
Multi-function Dial/Buttons None
Wrist Rest None
Supported OS Windows 7 (64 bit) or later
Connection method USB
Warranty Period 24 months


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