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Fluffy and gorgeous fruit flavor! "RAIZIN TROPICAL CRUSH" appeared!

ふわっと華やぐフルーツ風味!「RAIZIN TROPICAL CRUSH」登場!

The year 2022 has just begun and we are already approaching the end of January.
For those of you who are working, the end of the month and the beginning of the year are inevitably busy, and for those of you who are preparing for exams, it is time for the last spurt of your life.
When you need to make one more effort, energy drinks are the ones that will give you energy.
Since we live in a warring age of energy drinks, various manufacturers offer a wide variety of energy drinks in various flavors, most of which contain caffeine.
The combination of caffeine, which has a stimulant effect, and sugar, which is a fast-acting energy source, gives us power, but we need to be careful not to take too much of either.
But even so, it is easy to drink too much of it.
For a long time, no new flavor of RAIZIN has been released, but now a new flavor , "RAIZIN TROPICAL CRUSH" has been released!

ゴールドなのにフリー!enXtra配合のエナドリ「RAIZIN」が新フラッグシップ製品「GOLD FREE」発表!

Fruit-flavored, yet refreshing!


RAIZIN TROPICAL CRUSH" is a new flavor of Taisho Pharmaceutical's "RAIZIN".
I have the impression that "RAIZIN" does not frequently release new flavors, but rather keeps its regular flavors firmly rooted, and this is the first new flavor since "RAIZIN GOLD FREE" released in April 2021.
The standard "RAIZIN FRUITY THUNDER" has been renewed, but this is a renewal....
RAIZIN TROPICAL CRUSH" is also a triple zero drink with zero caffeine, zero calories, and zero sugar, which are the characteristics of "RAIZIN", and instead of caffeine, it contains functional ingredients derived from "galangal", a ginger plant. The "Triple 0" product contains no caffeine, no calories, and no sugar, and instead of caffeine, it contains " enXtra ", a functional ingredient derived from the ginger plant "galangal".
Although it is Triple 0, each 245 ml bottle contains 1035 mg of galangal extract (equivalent to 150 mg of enXtra ), so you can be sure to receive a good dose of energy.
The flavor is a fruity flavor with a sweet and sour taste that shines through (no juice), and is said to have "a fruity flavor with a sweet and sour taste that shines through, as if various tropical fruits are interwoven within the refreshing sensation.
When you actually drink it, you can smell the aroma of grapes...but it is difficult to tell what kind of fruit it tastes like because it is not a strong and discreet flavor.
It's hard to tell what kind of fruit it is because it's so unassertive and discreet.

Now on sale at 7-Eleven stores nationwide!

"RAIZIN TROPICAL CRUSH" will be on sale at 7-Eleven stores nationwide from January 24, 2022 (Monday)! The price is 205 yen (tax included).
Some stores may not carry it, so in that case, look for another store or negotiate with the store clerk to have it ordered!
We know it must be tough for students who are in the last spurt of exams, but don't let your body break down or get sick.
With the newly released "RAIZIN TROPICAL CRUSH" and other products in the Triple 0 "RAIZIN" series, let's get through the examinations with energy while taking care of our bodies!
For more details, please visit the "RAIZIN" product page on Taisho Pharmaceutical's product information website!


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I immediately drank "RAIZIN GOLD FREE" that pops the mind and body with ginger!
I immediately drank "RAIZIN GOLD FREE" that pops the mind and body with ginger!...

A calendar also enters in April and the climate of the spring also arrives at the climate, and every day you tend to spend follows, right? I'd like to drink an

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