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EnXtra-blended enadori "RAIZIN" spring limited flavor "SAKURA" announced!


January 2021 is almost over.
Although it is still cold and snowy here in Tokyo, the apparel, food and beverage industries have already started to release their spring items.
And speaking of seasonal changes, it's time for limited-edition energy drink flavors!
As funglr Games recently reported, "Red Bull Green Edition" will be released on February 2, and Taisho Pharmaceutical's RAIZIN, known for its triple zero: zero caffeine, zero calories, and zero sugar, has not been silent either!
They have announced a limited edition flavor for spring 2021 called "SAKURA"!

Red Bullから新たな刺客!緑の牛「Red Bull グリーンエディション」発売決定!

Limited Flavor for Spring!


Taisho Pharmaceutical has announced a new limited edition flavor for spring 2021 called " RAIZIN SAKURA ".
The new flavor is a refreshing sakura flavor for the start of spring 2021, a time for self-reflection and rebooting.
There are sakura-flavored snacks and drinks, but I can't imagine what sakura-flavored energy drink would taste like. I am looking forward to its release!
RAIZIN's features of zero caffeine, zero calories, zero sugar , and " enXtra," an ingredient derived from the ginger plant "galangal," will remain unchanged, so it will be a great drink for those who are studying for exams and tend to consume too much caffeine. It's perfect for students who tend to consume too much caffeine while studying for exams!
RAIZIN SAKURA will go on sale on Tuesday, February 9, 2021, at 245 ml for 190 yen (excluding tax ).
We will bring you a review on funglr Games after its release, so stay tuned!
For more information on "RAIZIN SAKURA," please visit the Taisho Pharmaceutical official website news release page!


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