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Limited flavor "HONEY LEMON" announced in caffeine-zero enadori "RAIZIN"!

カフェインゼロのエナドリ「RAIZIN」に限定フレーバー「HONEY LEMON」発表!

We live in a time of energy drink wars, with energy drinks from well-known manufacturers to those whose names we have honestly never even heard of on the market.
As funglr Games editors who love energy drinks, we are happy that there are so many different types of energy drinks available, as we consume a variety of energy drinks every day depending on our mood.
Among these energy drinks, the " RAIZIN& " is a triple 0 drink with zero caffeine, zero calories, and zero sugar, and instead contains " enXtra," a new ingredient extracted from the ginger plant "galangal. quot;is helpful when I am worried about taking too much caffeine.
This summer, RAIZIN released a limited edition "SWEETY RED" flavor, and now RAIZIN has announced a limited edition winter flavor, "HONEY LEMON"!

実はカフェインレスのエナドリ「RAIZIN」の新フレーバー「RAIZIN SWEETY RED」発表!

An adult lemon flavor with a hint of honey!

大正製薬公式サイト ニュースリリースページ

RAIZIN has announced the " RAIZIN HONEY LEMON" limited time flavor for the winter of 2020.
The flavor and design are inspired by the " RAIZIN Cocktail Lemon Base " cocktail served at the cafe on the premises of " RAIZIN R BANCH OMOTESANDO PARK," which opened in Omotesando, Tokyo, in June 2020.
The flavor has a honey-like aroma and a refreshing adult lemon flavor. The can design is based on the image of lemon fruit, which expresses the brand concept of " Smart & Creative, " and will bring out the winter of 2020.
RAIZIN HONEY LEMON will be available at convenience stores nationwide and on Amazon from Tuesday, December 15, 2020! It will have a capacity of 245 ml and cost 190 yen (excluding tax )!

Funglr Games, a fan of energy drinks, will post a review of the product after its release! Stay tuned!

For more information on "RAIZIN HONEY LEMON", please visit the official Taisho Pharmaceutical website news release page!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

"Eh!! Enadori without caffeine?! I drank the new flavor "RAIZIN SWEETY RED" of "Na Energy Drink "RAIZIN"!
"Eh!! Enadori without caffeine?! I drank the new flavor "RAIZIN SWEETY RED"...

New flavor "RAIZIN SWEETY RED" appears on caffeine zero and the energy drink which achieves a triple zero of calorie zero and a saccharide zero "

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