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Launch of "Presence CAGE", the smallest gaming PC in history compared to the same performance ratio as a high-end PC!

ハイエンドPCとして同性能比史上最小サイズのゲーミングPC「Presence CAGE」発売!

PC Shop ASP will release the " Presence CAGE ", the smallest high-end gaming PC ever with the same performance ratio and excellent design, on October 22, 2021.
The "Presence CAGE" is a high-end model with even higher performance and smaller size than the "Presence ZERO".

What are the features of 【Presence CAGE】?

Smallest size ever for the same performance ratio

【Presence CAGE】
【Presence CAGE】製品サイト

The mesh structure, front CPU fan, well-thought-out parts configuration, and careful placement of parts and wiring have made it the smallest PC ever built on the market with the same performance ratio.

Mesh Structure on All Surfaces

【Presence CAGE】
【Presence CAGE】製品サイト

The metal mesh on all four sides, except the back and bottom, offers five attractive features.

  • Novel heat treatment】:Metal mesh realizes heat treatment that does not rely on airflow.
  • Independent panels on 4 sides】:The panels on the 4 sides can be detached separately. The panels can be easily removed and attached by simply pulling them off with fingertips.
  • Easy maintenance】:Independent removable panels allow for easy cleaning of the inside.
  • Satisfactory detachability】:The feeling of the panels on the fingertips when they are detached gives a sense of quality and tickles the desire for ownership in adults.
  • Design-oriented】:Parts are carefully arranged and wiring is handled in a design-oriented manner, so that even the inside of the panel, which can be seen through the panel, is designed.

Simple and stylish.

【Presence CAGE】
【Presence CAGE】製品サイト

The Presence CAGE is designed to be as small as possible without sacrificing high performance, stability, and durability, while at the same time pursuing a beautiful interior design.

  • The compact body is stylish with a simple shape composed of straight lines.
  • The CPU fan that fills the entire front panel is a striking design feature unique to 【Presence CAGE】.
  • The internal parts that can be seen through the mesh are accented to create an exquisite, not-too-simple look.
  • The body is painted with a matte finish for a luxurious look.

Novel heat exhaust system

【Presence CAGE】
【Presence CAGE】製品サイト

By properly arranging the parts along the metal mesh side panels, each part is in direct contact with the outside air through the metal mesh, resulting in natural heat exchange.
This eliminates the need for a large space inside the case to generate airflow and allows for a much smaller case.
In addition, the radiator fan of the water-cooled CPU cooler, which is positioned across the entire front panel, can also feed outside air into the entire case and also serves to assist heat exchange through the mesh panel.

Small but ultra-high performance

【Presence CAGE】
【Presence CAGE】製品サイト

Even though it looks compact, it has the same performance as a full-tower high-end PC.
The PC starts up very fast, as well as installs and loads games very quickly, making it a spec that can be used with plenty of room to spare by anyone doing any kind of work.
Therefore, those who want to enjoy games with 4K images, professional gamers, and professional video editors will also be fully satisfied.

What about the price?

【Presence CAGE】
【Presence CAGE】製品サイト

The Intel model is priced at 498,300 yen (including tax), while the AMD model is priced at 566,500 yen (including tax).
The Presence CAGE is a recommended gaming PC for those who cannot afford a high-performance PC due to lack of space in their rooms.
For more information, check out the 【Presence CAGE】 product website!

Presence CAGE】Product Specifications
OS Windows 10 Home 64bit OEM
CPU [Intel model]: Intel Corei7 11700K 3.6GHz (5.0GHz) with 8 cores and 16 threads
[AMD model]: AMD Ryzen9 5950X 3.4GHz (4.9GHz) 16 core 32 threads
Memory Corsair VENGEANCE DDR4 32GB (16GB x 2) *can be optionally expanded to 64GB
SSD WD Black 1TB NVMe SSD (max. read: 7,000Mbps, max. write: 5,300Mbps)
Power supply Corsair 750W 80PLUS PLATINUM
Motherboard [Intel model] : ROG series with ASUS B560 chipset
[AMD model: ROG series with ASUS B550 chipset
CPU Cooler Corsair iCUE H115i water cooler
Optical Drive Not mounted
LAN LAN port for 2.5Gb Ethernet / WiFi 6
Size (cm) w16.6 x d24.5 x h36
Body Color Black or White
Price [Intel model]: 498,300 yen (tax included)
[AMD model]: 566,500 yen (including tax)


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