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New Yadong beaded sofa from long-established sofa maker Seltan! Yadong's features are represented in every detail!


With the release of the latest Pokémon game "Pokémon Scarlet Violet," Pokémon trainers may be setting off on adventures in the Pardea region. However, playing games for long periods of time may cause you to stay in the same posture, which may lead to stiffness in your body and hinder your game play. For those of you who want to make your gaming experience as comfortable as possible, we have some good news! Seltan, a long-established sofa manufacturer, has released a Yadon beaded sofa. Why don't you spend a relaxing and chubby happy time wrapped in Yadon? It is a perfect Christmas present or a treat for yourself.

Yadong Beaded Sofa" is now on sale!

ヤドンビーズソファ発売PR TIMES

Yadon, which appears in Pokemon, is a Pokemon with a characteristic tail and a relaxing, soothing expression. The Yadon Bead Sofa is based on the motif of Yadon, but is designed to provide a comfortable, soft and comfortable feeling as if your body is wrapped around it. You will surely be able to relax in your room while being wrapped up in your favorite Pokémon! It is a perfect reward for yourself or as a Christmas gift.

ヤドンビーズソファ全面 PR TIMES

Five points of interest

Expresses Yadon's character

ヤドンらしさを表現 PR TIMES

The tail, which is Yadon's charm point, and the relaxed and soothing face are full of attention to detail. Even the back view is cute!

Not just cute! Comfortable to sit on

The use of Sugo Beads, a well-balanced blend of urethane and tiny beads, provides a great fit and a feeling of being wrapped up in a soft and comfortable mattress!

Great stability!

With a backrest and elbow rest, it is designed to allow you to sit comfortably while resting your entire body on it. Plenty of beads firmly support your body, so you can relax even if you sit for a long time.

Easy to clean

The weight can be easily moved, and the cover is machine washable, so even families with small children can relax!

Made in Japan, so you can rest assured of its quality.

Seltan Co., Ltd. which sells this sofa is a long-established sofa manufacturer that has been in business for 50 years. The quality of the products is also certified because they are developed and manufactured in house.

Yadon Beads Sofa" Product Outline
Price 28,400 yen (including tax)
Medium Expanded polystyrene beads/High elasticity urethane foam
Size W920×D1010×720Hmm *Measured at maximum value because of beads inside.
Weight Approx. 8.75kg
Manufacture Made in Japan , Cover is imported

Yadon Beaded Sofa is now available at Seltan Online Store,Rakuten Ichiba, andYahoo!

Cute together! Pokemon Beaded Sofa

ポケモンビーズソファ PR TIMES

In addition to Yadon, Metamon, Mokuro, Kabigon, and Gengar are also on sale. Why don't you spend a relaxing, chubby, and happy time with your favorite Pokémon? For product details, please visit the Seltan Online Store,Rakuten Ichiba, andYahoo!


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