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Pokémon Shirt, the second version of the Sinnoh Region adds 25 Pokémon!

Pokémon Shirt, the second version of the Sinnoh Region adds 25 Pokémon!

Pokémon Inc. and online custom shirt retailer Original Inc. are developing "Pokémon Shirts," a service that allows customers to order customizable Pokémon clothing.
Now, 25 new Pokémon patterns from "Pokémon Diamond and Pearl" have been added to the Pokémon shirt lineup!

土に還る「ポケモンシャツ ~ディグダのやさしいTシャツ~」が6月10日に登場!ピカチュウやゲンガー、カビゴンのワッペンも付けれちゃう!

Dialga, Lucario, and 25 other Pokémon patterns have been added!


25 new Pokémon patterns, including Dialga, Lucario, and Electivire, from the Sinnoh region of "Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl" have been added!
Together with the 18 Pokémon that had already appeared in the series, a total of 43 Pokémon from the Sinnoh region are now available!
In October 2022, Pokémon from the "Pearl" theme will be added, and in December 2022, Pokémon from the "Evolution and Design" theme will be added to the Sinnoh Region Pokémon lineup, making us feel as if we are watching our Pokémon library being filled in.



In addition to shirts, you can also make masks, bandanas, and other items with the designs of the Pokémon from the Sinnoh region that have appeared in this issue!
Please browse the official Pokémon shirt website and check out the designs.
You will surely find your favorite Pokémon!

A giveaway campaign is also underway!

Original hanger

To commemorate the release of the second Pokémon pattern from the Sinnoh region, we are collaborating with the upcycling brand "NEWSED" from Friday, July 22, 2022!
The first 250 customers to purchase a Pokémon shirt (men's shirt, women's shirt, or kids' shirt) will receive an "original hanger" made from a reused backboard of an actual school chair!
Order one shirt and get one hanger, order two shirts and get two original hangers!
Order early and get your original hanger!
Please note that orders for polo shirts, polo shirt sports, masks, bandanas, aprons, and towel handkerchiefs only are not eligible.
For details of the present campaign, please check the official Pokémon shirt website.

110150Pokémon Shirt, the second version of the Sinnoh Region adds 25 Pokémon!
"31 Poké Summer! Campaign "Held! Many takeout products also appeared in the large collection of Pokémon!

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