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"Puregumi Pokémon Summer Pikachu & Potchama" is released! Appeared in a clear and stylish package!

「ピュレグミポケモン 夏のピカチュウ&ポッチャマ」が発売!クリアでオシャレなパッケージで登場!

Pureed gummy bears " are very popular for their sweet and sour taste and pulpy texture, which is accentuated by the use of a sour powder.
I am sure everyone has had one of these at least once.
Pokemon and Puree Gummi have sold 5 products since June 2020, and each time the cute packaging and the shape of the gummies have been a huge hit on SNS!
And this year, "Pure Gummi Pokemon Summer Pikachu & Pouchama " will go on sale on July 19, 2022 (Tuesday) for a limited time only!
And to celebrate the launch, a social networking campaign will begin on Thursday, July 14, 2022!

Boats and floats! Special gummy shapes with summer motifs


Pure Gummi Pokemon Summer Pikachu & Pouchama" features Pikachu- and Pouchama-shaped gummies, as well as boat- and float-shaped gummies!
The refreshing shapes are perfect for the image of summer. In addition, for the first time, a secret type is also available!
The "Inazuma" and "Shizuku" shapes are hidden in the gummy bears, which are named after Pikachu's electric type and Pochama's water type, respectively. Check the shapes before you eat it!

The two new flavors are an enhanced version of the popular "Dengeki Tropika Flavor+" and "Fruit Ponchama Flavor+" flavors.
Both flavors have a more soda-like taste, giving them a summery finish!

  • Dengeki Tropika Flavor

    Pikachu's Dengeki feeling soda flavor is combined with pineapple and mango juice.
  • Fruit Ponchama Flavor+

    Named after a combination of Fruit Punch and Pocchama! Refreshing flavor made with muscat and mandarin orange juice!

Upside-down Pokemon! 5 kinds of clear packages

パッケージ PR TIMES

The packages have cute designs of Pikachu and Pochama wearing straw hats and sunglasses!
The "clear, translucent" packaging is a recent summer trend, and the gummy grains inside can be seen.

There are five different designs in different poses and colors, so you can collect them all or just find your favorite!
Plus, there are 15 different tricks on the bottom! You can enjoy not only the gummies but also the package.
Pure Gummi Pokemon Summer Pikachu & Pochama" will go on sale on Tuesday, July 19, 2022.
The price will be 150 yen (tax included).
Please look for your favorite Pikachu & Pochama Pokemon Summer Pikachu & Pochama Pokemon Puregumis when you see them!

Product name Puregummi Pokemon Summer Pikachu & Pochama
Release date Tuesday, July 19, 2022
Reference Price 150 yen (including tax)* 8% consumption tax
Contents 52g
Sales area Nationwide, all channels
Features A summer purée gummy Pokemon with two flavors to enjoy!

Win a Pure Gummy! "Pure Gummy 2022 Summer Collection"

"Pure Gummy 2022 Summer Collection" PR TIMES


To celebrate the release of the sixth Pure Gummy Pokémon, a " Pure Gummy 2022 Summer Collection " campaign, modeled after the fashion world's summer collections, will be held on social networking sites.
A total of 50 people will win a set of six Pure Gummy Pokemon Summer Pikachu & Pochama, which will be released this summer!
The fashionable design of the new Puregummi Pokémon has become a hot topic on SNS, with the colorful packaging and coordination of the two products. Let's make the summer exciting by dressing up in style with Pure Gummies!

For more information about the "Pure Gummy 2022 Summer Collection," please visit the special website.

Outline of the "Pure Gummy 2022 Summer Collection" Twitter campaign
Period July 14, 2022 (Thursday) 11:30 - July 18, 2022 (Monday) 23:59
How to apply Follow the official Twitter account of Pure Gummi (@kanro_pure)
2) Tweet the relevant post from the official account with the designated hashtag (changed daily)
Number of winners Total 50 winners
Prize Pure Gummi Pokemon Summer Pikachu & Pochama 6-piece set


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