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Pc cushion of Nimen Pokemon "Morpeko" appeared in premium Bandai! One set with two types of "Manpuku Moyo" and "Harapeko Moyo"!


Premium Bandai, the official online shopping site of the Namco Bandai Group, has started accepting reservations for "Pokemon PC Cushion Molpeko," a set that includes a plush toy of the Pokemon "Molpeko" from the "Pokemon" series and an armrest. Cushion Molpeko", which includes a plushie of "Molpeko", a Pokémon from "Pokémon", and an armrest.

The two-faced Pokémon "Molpeko" is now available as a PC cushion!

PCクッション モルペコバンダイナムコグループ公式通販サイト

This product is a PC cushion featuring "Molpeko," a "Nimen Pokémon" that appears in the popular game "Pokémon Sword Shield" and the "Pokémon" anime. Cushion.
The set includes a plush PC cushion and an armrest, ideal for long hours of PC work.

PCクッション モルペコバンダイナムコグループ公式通販サイト

The armrests are removable!

PCクッション モルペコバンダイナムコグループ公式通販サイト

The removable armrests can be used in three different ways to suit different situations: as a cushion with armrests, as a stand-alone cushion, or as a stand-alone armrest.

PCクッション モルペコバンダイナムコグループ公式通販サイト

Two types of MORPECO can be enjoyed!

PCクッション モルペコバンダイナムコグループ公式通販サイト

Morupeko changes its appearance into "plump-like" and "harapeko-like," and this product is a PC cushion with two of them side by side, so you can enjoy both of them with their own charms. The two animals can be removed from the cushion and can be used as either "Harapeko-moyo" or "Manpuku-moyo".

By holding the two Pokémon between the desk and your body, you can enjoy working on your PC in a comfortable posture while being healed.
The armrests are also decorated with a variety of cute Pokémon.

The armrest can be removed for use as well. This cushion can be placed on the armrest for comfort, placed on the armrest for relaxation, and held in one's arms for healing, making it a fun 3-way cushion for daily desk work such as computer work and study.

Product name Pokemon PC Cushion "Molpeko
( https://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000154533/ )
Price 6,820 yen (tax included) (shipping and handling charges not included)
Ages 6 years old and up
Set includes 2 plush toys, 1 armrest
Product size Approx. 52 cm (width) X 47 cm (height) X 21 cm (depth)
Product material Polyester, synthetic rubber, UP
Production area China
Sales route Bandai Namco Group's official mail order site "Premium Bandai" (
( http://p-bandai.jp/ ), etc.
Reservation Period May 17, 2021 (Monday) 11:00 - Ends when the prepared quantity is reached
Product delivery Scheduled for August 2021
Sold by Bandai Co.
PCクッション モルペコバンダイナムコグループ公式通販サイト


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