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Monster Ball Replicas are available in Pokémon Center Online! Five types including Super Ball and Hyper Ball are on sale!


The popular video game "Pokemon " (hereafter referred to as "Pokémon") is a title so popular that there are almost no people who do not know about it.

The most appealing thing about Pokémon is the thrill of traveling around the country while raising Pokémon you have caught. Many Pokémon players have dreamed of catching that Pokémon and going on an adventure with it. I'm sure many of you have dreamed of catching that Pokémon and going on an adventure with it.

That item that tickles your adventurous spirit, the Monster Ball, is now available at the Pokémon Center Online!

モンスターボール イメージポケットモンスターオフィシャルサイト

A Monster Ball replica is here!


A high quality replica of the Monster Ball will go on sale at the Pokémon Center Online from December 1 (Wed.) at 10:00 a.m.!

The Monster Ball replica is made by "The Wand Company", a company that produces finely crafted products, and is coated with a metal shell to give it a high-end finish!

Not only is the finish superb, but the touch sensor and proximity sensor are also included, so you can enjoy the bright glow of the buttons when you bring your hand close to the ball or touch the ball! Not only the ball, but also the display is equipped with a touch-sensitive light, making it attractive not only for decoration, but also for touch and enjoyment. This kind of playfulness is one of the best features of Pokemon products.

In addition to the Monster Ball, there are also the Super Ball,Hyper Ball,Premier Ball, and Dark Ball, all of which are familiar to fans of the game.


These are the five types of Pokémon that will be on sale! They all look very cool, and I'm really looking forward to their release! Let's enjoy displaying our favorite balls that we used in the game!

The price is 15,400 yen including tax, and at this time, the balls will only be available at the Pokémon Center Online.

For more information, please check the official Pokemon Monster website!


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