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PlayStation x UT! UNIQLO will release officially licensed PlayStation T-shirts!

PlayStation × UT!PlayStationオフィシャルライセンスTシャツがユニクロから発売決定!

The " PlayStation 5 " (PS5) has finally become available for purchase in 2023. But!!! If you've got it, you've got it! If you've started having the best gaming life with PS5, you're going to be impressed. Especially the titles for PS5 have amazing visuals and sound, and loading times are blazing fast, making it impossible to leave PS5. The design of the PlayStation, including the PS5, is also quite attractive, with its iconic △◯✕□□, cool body and controller, and many goods and apparel using the PlayStation design have also been released. In June 2021, the fashion brand " Balenciaga " collaborated with PS5 and released T-shirts and hoodies. The T-shirt was priced at 79,200 yen (including tax) and the hoodie at 103,400 yen (including tax), but they were sold out immediately. Many people wanted to buy them, but at that price, they were just too expensive, but if they were more affordable, wouldn't they be purchased immediately? Now, UNIQLO, a strong ally of UNIQLO, has released an officially licensed PlayStation T-shirt!

売り切れ注意!PS5 × BALENCIAGA!コラボデザインのTシャツとパーカーが販売開始!

UTs with designs of ◯✕□ and products

PlayStation × UT
PlayStation x UT

UNIQLO is pleased to announce the release of "UT", an officially licensed PlayStation T-shirt collection. UT" has a wide variety of cool and cute designs at an affordable price, so everyone must have one of these T-shirts. The UT is also well known for its many collaborations with a wide range of games, such as Pokémon, Minecraft, and FF. There will be four PlayStation "UT" products, but what we are interested in is the design, isn't it? Since all four products are called "UT Graphic T-shirts," we will introduce them as (1) through (4)!

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

PlayStation UT グラフィックTシャツ
PlayStation UT Graphic T-shirt

This white T-shirt features the original PlayStation with UT's exclusive in-bowline artwork on the front. The back is plain, so the design will not be hidden even if you wear one on top.


This black T-shirt has the PlayStation logo and logo printed in black on the front. The back of the T-shirt features a pop-up design of the PlayStation logo and logo on the front. The code that is extending out seems to be a string of characters.

The code seems to be a string of letters.


This black T-shirt features the iconic PlayStation logo on the front. The back of the T-shirt features the PlayStation 2, which has shipped over 155 million units worldwide. The back of the T-shirt features the PlayStation 2, which shipped over 155 million units worldwide.


This blue T-shirt has the PlayStation logo on the chest. The back of the T-shirt has a vertical design of PlayStation controllers. The size ratio is probably the same as the real one, but the first controller is smaller than the real one.

On sale on February 20! The price is...!

PlayStation's "UT Graphic T-shirt" will be released on February 20, 2023. The price is 1,500 yen (including tax) each! That's cheap! Even if you buy all four types for 6,000 yen (tax included), and even if you buy 10 of each of the four types, the price is cheaper than the "BALENCIAGA" T-shirts, so you can easily purchase cool and cute designs. The sizes range from S to XL in stores and from XS to XXL in the online store, so you can choose just the right size, whether you prefer a true size or an oversized one, depending on your preferences and physique. The release date is a little ways away, but the collaboration "UT" is very popular and often in short supply right after its release, so be ready to get your hands on one on the release date! For more information, please visit PlayStation.Blog, and for product information, please visit the official UNIQLO website!


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