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Statue of a popular character appears in Nintendo TOKYO! It is sold in pop-up stores in various places!

Nintendo TOKYOに人気キャラクターのスタチューが登場!各地のポップアップストアでも販売!

Nintendo TOKYO " is Nintendo's first pop-up store in Japan, located on the 6th floor of PARCO in Shibuya, Tokyo.
Not only can you purchase a variety of Nintendo items, from standard Nintendo products to limited edition items, but you will also be thrilled to see Nintendo characters everywhere in the store's interior.
Starting June 25, 2021 (Friday), pop-up stores will open sequentially at Nagoya PARCO, Fukuoka PARCO, Sendai PARCO, Hiroshima PARCO, and Sapporo PARCO, bringing Nintendo TOKYO to your town, and for those who can finally visit Nintendo TOKYO Some of you may finally be able to visit Nintendo TOKYO.
Please check Nintendo's website for the schedule!
Since you are going to visit Nintendo TOKYO, you might want to get some special items, right?
We have some new statues of popular Nintendo characters that we recommend for everyone!

The statues that adorn the store are now available in the palm of your hand!

The new items that will be released this time are statues of popular Nintendo characters!
The statues of "Mario," "Link," "Shizue," "Mamakichi," and "Inkling, " which are displayed in Nintendo TOKYO stores, have been miniaturized to the size of a palm.

スタチュー スーパーマリオ Nintendo TOKYO
Statue Super Mario Nintendo TOKYO
Nintendo TOKYO公式Twitter
スタチュー ゼルダの伝説 Nintendo TOKYO
Statue: The Legend of Zelda Nintendo TOKYO
Nintendo TOKYO公式Twitter
スタチュー Animal Crossing Nintendo TOKYO
Statue Animal Crossing Nintendo TOKYO
Nintendo TOKYO公式Twitter
スタチュー スプラトゥーン Nintendo TOKYO
Statue Splatoon Nintendo TOKYO
Nintendo TOKYO公式Twitter

From the images released, it seems that the statues are so elaborately made that their powerful size has been reduced to a smaller version!
They will be available at Nintendo TOKYO and pop-up stores starting Friday, June 25, 2021! They will be priced at 7,150 yen each (tax included )!

It was also announced that a set of four figures will be available exclusively at Nintendo TOKYO in Shibuya!
The price is 7,150 yen x 4 for 28,600 yen (including tax), which is not a bargain price, but the set comes with a stand to put the 4 pieces together and a cosmetic box, so you might want to buy the set!

スタチュー 4個セット Nintendo TOKYO
Statue 4 pieces Nintendo TOKYO
Nintendo TOKYO公式Twitter

Currently, admission to the Nintendo TOKYO store in Shibuya is by numbered ticket, while the pop-up stores in Nagoya PARCO and Fukuoka PARCO, which will open on June 25, will be open by advance reservation only.
Since this is a rare and limited item, there is a great possibility that it will sell out, so if you want to be sure of getting it, be sure to enter the store early on the first day of the event.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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