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NINJA RATMAT, familiar with gaming iron plate, officially announces metal mouse sole "Ryo -BISHI-"!

ゲーミング鉄板でおなじみのNINJA RATMATがメタルマウスソール「菱 -BISHI-」を正式発表!

NINJA RATMAT " is well-known for its super flat metal mousepads , known as gaming iron plates.
Since it is not possible to mass-produce ultra-precisely finished metal mousepads, they are made-to-order and quite expensive, but they are still in high demand and popular.
In March of this year, "NINJA RATMAT" was looking for modelers and sampling staff for a " prototype metal mouse sole," and we could sense that the "metal mouse sole" under development was nearing completion.
And now! The metal mouse sole "BISHI" has been officially announced!

ゲーミング鉄板でお馴染みのNINJA RATMATが「試作メタルマウスソール」のモデラー及びサンプリングスタッフ募集!

A new device to evolve your favorite mouse!

メタルマウスソール"菱 -BISHI-"
Metal mouse sole "Hishi -BISHI-"
メタルマウスソール"菱 -BISHI-"製品ページ

The metal mouse sole " BISHI " is a new device inspired by the "Makibishi", a ninja weapon.
By placing it on the bottom of your favorite mouse, you will be able to operate your mouse with a high degree of precision and slipperiness that cannot be achieved with a plastic mouse sole.

メタルマウスソール"菱 -BISHI-"
Metal mouse sole "BISHI
メタルマウスソール"菱 -BISHI-"製品ページ

It is made of hardened steel that is 6 to 7 times harder than steel, and its special shape allows the user to change its direction to " speed type " or " brake type " by tilting it 45 degrees to achieve the desired control.

メタルマウスソール"菱 -BISHI-"
Metal mouse sole "Hishi -BISHI-"
メタルマウスソール"菱 -BISHI-"製品ページ

Please note that since this is a metal item, the mouse pad to be used with it is cloth only.

BISHI" is available in three types of products, taking into account the LoD (lift-off distance) between your mouse and the cloth mousepad.

メタルマウスソール"菱 -BISHI-"
Metal mouse sole "Hishi -BISHI-"
メタルマウスソール"菱 -BISHI-"製品ページ

There are three types with different heights and radiuses of 0. 4mm (R20.5), 0. 6mm and 0.9mm (R12.5 ), so you can choose according to the compatibility with the device you are using and the operating feel.

Although "BISHI" is treated with a special rust-preventive treatment, it may rust because it is made of metal.
Rust is caused by perspiration, sebum, dirt, and moisture that adhere to the cloth mousepad and continuously come into contact with the metal mouse sole.
Therefore, after use, wipe off any dirt or moisture with wet wipes or tissue paper, and use the special "BISHI" case as a mouse stand to allow air to pass through for ventilation.

メタルマウスソール"菱 -BISHI-"
Metal mouse sole "Hishi -BISHI-"
メタルマウスソール"菱 -BISHI-"製品ページ

Limited to 10 sets each for the first time!

Metal mouse sole "Hishi -BISHI-" will be available for order from Friday, October 23, 2020!
The price is 10,800 yen (excluding tax), which includes a special case, four metal mouse soles, and double-sided tape to attach them to the mouse.
The first production run of 10 sets of each size will be available and will be shipped from November 2, 2020, but after that, the product will be made-to-order and delivery will take 1-2 months.
The new "NINJA RATMAT" product, at this price point, is likely to sell out immediately, so those who want to get their hands on the first production run should make sure they don't miss the moment pre-orders open!
The new metal mouse sole "BISHI " may revolutionize the gaming device industry!
Don't miss your chance to get your hands on the first 30 sets!
For more details, please visit the " BISHI" product page!


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