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Nijisanji River "Saki Sasagi" "Yuika Shiina" 2 people's hoodies are goods "The manma goods 2nd parka" is now on sale!

にじさんじライバー「笹木咲」「椎名唯華」2名のパーカーがグッズ化「そのまんまグッズ第2弾 パーカー」が販売開始!

The VTuber group " NIJISANJI " run by ANYCOLOR Co., Ltd. has released its second line of "SONOMANMA GOODS" hoodies, which went on sale on Tuesday, October 19, 2021, at 12:00 p.m. The models are "Saki Sasagi" and "Yuka Shiina. The models are " Saki S asagi" and " Yuka Shiina," two of the " NIJISANJI " lifers. Saki S asagi's hoodie is a regular costume, and Yuka Shiina 's is a game day costume.
Each is priced at 8,800 yen including tax.

The "SONOMANMA Goods Vol. 2: Hoodie" is now available!

そのまんまグッズ第2弾PR TIMES

Following the "SONOMANMA Goods Vol. 1: Wristwatch," which was on sale in April 2021, NIJISANJI's Saki Sasagi 's regular costume and Yuka Shiina' s game day costume are now available in the same design as the original goods! The same design has been made into merchandise!
The "SONOMANMA Goods Vol. 2 Hoodies" are now on sale at the NIJISANJI Official Store.

Introduction of each model

Saki Sasagi Model

Model: "Saki Sasagi

This hoodie is the default costume of Saki Sasagi.
The panda ears on the hood are made of fluffy cotton, and the ribbed sleeves allow you to roll up your arms at your favorite position.
The hoodie features a loose silhouette.

Outline of the "Saki Sasagi" model
Size Men's free size (Length 71cm / Body width 58cm / Shoulder width 52cm / Sleeve length 61cm)
Material Cotton / Polyester / Polyurethane
Price 8,800 yen (tax included)

Yuka Shiina Model

"椎名唯華" モデル
Yuka Shiina" model

This is a hoodie of "Yuka Shiina"'s game day costume.
The back of the hoodie has been newly designed and the characteristic pattern and ribbons on both sides have been reproduced.
The yellow ribbons on both sides of the hoodie can be tied in any way you like.

Outline of the "Yuka Shiina" model
Size Men's free size (Length 71cm / Height 58cm / Shoulder width 52cm / Sleeve length 61cm)
Material 100% polyester
Price 8,800 yen (tax included)


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