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Clutch GM41 LIGHTWEIGHT, an ultralight gaming mouse of about 65 grams from MSI, will be released on Friday, March 12, 2021!

MSIから約65グラムの超軽量ゲーミングマウス「CLUTCH GM41 LIGHTWEIGHT」が2021年3月12日(金)に発売!

MSI Computer Japan Inc., a leading supplier of motherboards, graphics cards, and gaming devices, has announced the release of the " CLUTCH GM41 LIGHTWEIGHT " gaming mouse.
Weighing only 65g, the "CLUTCH GM41 LIGHTWEIGHT" is the lightest mouse in the CLUTCH series and will be released on March 12, 2021 (Friday ).

The lightest weight in the CLUTCH series at 65g!

Each part is lightweight

CLUTCH GM41 LIGHTWEIGHT" is the lightest model in the CLUTCH series, weighing only 65g, as a result of the weight reduction of each part!
This is a mouse that requires fine manipulation during game play, but the weight does not become a bottleneck, allowing you to manipulate the mouse as you wish!
The weight also reduces the burden on the wrist and arm when used for long periods of time!
This is a very welcome specification, especially for arm-aim players who use their arms as a prop to control the mouse.

With all gaming devices nowadays following the path of weight reduction, more and more gaming mice are adopting a honeycomb structure, which is also known as a " meatless " structure.
However, the unique design and grip of the honeycomb structure can cause some people to feel uncomfortable.
The "CLUTCH GM41 LIGHTWEIGHT" has succeeded in reducing the weight of the mouse by using methods other than the honeycomb structure, and the non-slip grip on the side enables stable mouse operation!

And the DPI can be set! And it glows!

DPI setting available!

The switches are made of Omron's highly durable switches that can withstand approximately 60 million clicks.
That's a long time for a FPS, a MOBA, or a cookie clicker!
In addition, the sensor uses PixArt's " PMW-3389 optical sensor " that can be set up to 16,000 DPI, allowing you to adjust the DPI to your liking!

In addition, the "CLUTCH GM41 LIGHTWEIGHT" supports RGB MYSTIC LIGHT!
You can use the Dragon Center software to set the color and glow to your liking, or use the shortcut buttons on the mouse itself to quickly change the LED lighting without using the software!
Of course, you can also synchronize it with other MYSTIC LIGHT compatible devices to create a unified lighting setup!
A modern gaming device has to light up!

More details about the product will be revealed in the future, so don't forget to check out MSI Computer Japan's official website and official Twitter account!

Product Outline
Release Date March 12, 2021 (Friday)
Price 5,880 yen (including tax)
Body size 130.1 x 67 x 38.3 mm
Weight 65g (excluding cable)
Number of buttons 6 buttons
Cable length 2m
Interface USB 2.0
Supported OS Windows 10/8.1/8/7


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