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MonHun×mofusand of Gyankawa becomes three-dimensional! Collaboration stuffed toys appeared in game centers and caps!


Capcom's hunting action game " Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break " has sold more than 4 million copies worldwide at an astonishing speed.
The first stage of the free title update was released in August 2022, and not only did it bring additional monsters and the new " Puppet Quest" system, but also event quests were released sequentially, and the game was exhibited at the "Tokyo Game Show 2022". The second free title update is scheduled for the end of September 2022, and the number of hunters worldwide is expected to continue to increase.
It's never too late to start, so if you haven't played the game yet, please take this opportunity!Let's go hunting!
The MonHun series is attractive because the characters and monster hunters in the series are cool and cute.
The MonHun series has been made into a variety of goods, and many collaborations have also been carried out.
Among them, the collaboration with Nyanko, which has been very popular in recent years, will take place again!


Plushie version for amusement arcades!

Monster Hunter x mofusand collaboration plushie

Once again, MonHun collaborated with kitten artist Jyu-no-san(@mofu_sand) to create " mofusand "!

Many of the items were sold at the "CAPCOM STORE" and "CAPCOM NET CATCHER CAPCOM CAPTURE" and were so popular that they were sold out early in the game's development. Were you able to get your hands on any of them?
The collaboration goods that went on sale in May 2022 and were available at amusement arcades were stationery, apparel, mug cups, and other items with designs of the newly-drawn illustrations. This time, the collaboration illustration has been sculpted into a plushie!
The mofusand kitten plushies are very popular and can often be seen in game arcades, but they are so cute that their voices are raised one tone higher, so this is truly a long-awaited plushie!
All five designs, "Rio Reus," "Blue Shad," "Airou," "Garuku," and "Furfurufuru," will be available as plushies, and "Rio Reus" is a whopping 30 cm long and BIG! The "Rio Leus" is a BIG size, measuring approximately 30 cm in length!
Aoashira, Airou, Garuku, and Furfur are all approximately 15 cm in length, making them easy to display.

Monster Hunter x mofusand collaboration plushie

Although we would like to pick them up right away, the "Monster Hunter" x "mofusand" collaboration plushies will be available from September 17, 2022 (Saturday ), and will be sold at Capcom-operated amusement stores nationwide, as well as at Capcom's "Crane Game Site" where you can play at home. The plushies will be available at Capcom-operated amusement arcades nationwide, as well as at Capcom's "Capcom Net Catcher Captore " crane game site, where you can play at home!
Many people may be willing to spend any amount of money for the cat, but please consult your wallet and be careful not to spend too much.
Please check the official PLAZA CAPCOM website for details and stores that will be stocking the product!


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