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Monhan × Bauhutte!? Airou models of blankets "bad clothes" to wear at Ecapcom are accepting reservations!

モンハン × Bauhutte!?イーカプコンで着る毛布「ダメ着」のアイルーモデルが予約受付中!

Bauhutte has launched a number of gaming furniture products that can scratch a gamer's itch.
Bauhutte sells a wide range of items, from desks and chairs to bedding.
One of Bauhutte's most famous products is the "Dame-Kimono" series, a series of wearable blankets.
The comfortable velour fleece fabric allows you to wrap your entire body in the blanket, helping to save on heating in the winter, and above all, it is comfortable and warm!
The author also uses a poncho type "Damegi 4G Lite" in the editorial office during the winter, and it is warm and great!
A new product has appeared in the "Damegi" lineup.
What a surprise! It 's a collaboration with "Monster Hunter"!

あのダメ着にヒーターが搭載されて究極進化!「ダメ着4GW ヒーターHFD-4GW」登場!

The Airou-designed "Damegi" is here!

モンスターハンター×バウヒュッテ ダメ着
Monster Hunter x Bauhütte Dame Wear
"モンスターハンター×バウヒュッテ ダメ着 M"製品ページ

This time, the "Monster Hunter x Bauhütte Damegi " has appeared at Capcom's official store " eCapcom "!
As the name suggests, this item is a collaboration between Monster Hunter and Bauhutte, and features a design featuring Airou, a popular character from Monster Hunter, on Bauhutte's popular "Damegi" product.
The "Damegi" is easy to move around in, warm and functional, but with Airou-like coloring and design. The paw print on the palm of the hand is cute!
In addition, the ears on the hood and the tail on the hips are arranged in a way not seen on the regular "Damegi", making it a perfect item that even those who already love the "Damegi" will want to have!

"モンスターハンター×バウヒュッテ ダメ着 M"製品ページ

Pre-orders are now being accepted, with delivery scheduled for February 2022!

The "Monster Hunter x Bauhütte Damesuit" is now available for pre-order at eCapcom for 19,910 yen (tax included) and will be delivered in February 2022.
It is available in three sizes ( M, L, and XL ), with the standard sizes being 155-165 cm for M, 165-175 cm for L, and 175-185 cm for XL.
Please check eCapcom's product page for detailed sizes, including body width.
This product is also eligible for eCapcom's " TOKYO GAME SHOW 2021 ONLINE SPECIAL STORE ", which will be held from August 19, 2021 (Thursday), so you can earn double eCapcom points!
Normally, 5% of the purchase price is given as points, but if you pre-order until October 11, 2021 (Monday), you will receive double points (10%, or 1,991 points ), so there is no way you can miss this chance!
There are many other attractive products available at the "TOKYO GAME SHOW 2021 ONLINE SPECIAL STORE", so please check out the " TOKYO GAME SHOW 2021 ONLINE SPECIAL STORE&" and "TOKYO GAME SHOW 2021 ONLINE SPECIAL STORE& " for more information. Please check out the "TOKYO GAME SHOW 2021 ONLINE SPECIAL STORE"special page!


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