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Matsukiyo's Enadori "EXSTRONG" has a crazy new member with 100mg of caffeine per 100ml!


The year 2022, which felt like it had just begun a few days ago, has already entered June.
Many people are probably feeling tired after the Golden Week holidays are over and a month has passed without a national holiday, but the next national holiday will be Marine Day on July 18 (Mon., national holiday), 2022. We have not even reached the turn of the year yet.
On top of that, we are about to enter the rainy season, which can be a bit overwhelming for both body and mind.
Energy drinks are a strong ally that can give you strength at such times.
In today's world of energy drinks, various manufacturers are selling various flavors of energy drinks, but the "EXSTRONG" series is a hidden gem among those in the know.
EXSTRONG" has released numerous flavors, and now comes a new product that can be called the strongest ever.
EXSTRONG SHAKKI-N, which contains 100 mg of caffeine per 100 ml, has been announced!

マツキヨエナドリに新色登場!乳酸菌を配合した「EXSTRONG NEW SUN KING」発表!

A new flavor with an amazing amount of caffeine!

" series

EXSTRONG SHAKKI-N, a new flavor containing powerful menthol, has been announced as a new product in the EXSTRONG series!
The EXSTRONG series is a popular series under the private brand "matsukiyo " of MATSUKIYO COCOKARA & CO., and has many fans due to the gap between the can and liquid color, the affordable price, and the considerable amount of caffeine in the product.
In addition to the Enadori type, the series also includes gummies and tablets, and as of the end of April 2022, cumulative sales of the series exceeded 3.9 million units.
Numerous flavors have been released...and many of them may be characterized by very unique tastes. Everyone's taste is different!


The new product announced this time is "EXSTRONG SHAKKI-N," a new product at a level that will not be outdone, or even surpassed, by its overly unique predecessor flavors.
While the previous lineup contained 65mg of caffeine per 100ml, EXSTRONG Shakki-N contains 100ml of caffeine per 100ml, the largest amount ever in the EXSTRONG lineup! One of the best blends in the entire energetic drink world EXSTRONG SHAKKI-N is the largest amount ever in the history of EXSTRONG!
Since each can of EXSTRONG SHAKKI-N contains 185 ml of caffeine, it is possible to consume 185 mg of caffeine in a single can.
In addition to caffeine, arginine, which is an essential ingredient of Enadori, is also included quite firmly at 216 mg per 100 ml.
The flavor is menthol, the strongest and most potent in the series. In addition to that, it is super carbonated with a gas pressure of 3.6V, making it a refreshing drink.
The refreshing blue and white packaging design and the toxic bright red color of the liquid is also crazy, just like "EXSTRONG"!


Get through this summer with "SHAKKI-N"!

EXSTRONG SHAKKI-N will be available at Matsumotokiyoshi Group and Cocokara Fine Group stores nationwide and online from Saturday, June 11, 2022!
The price is 120 yen (tax included), which is much cheaper than other Enadori products, making it easy on the wallets of "EXSTRONG" fans and easy to try and see.
Also, on Monday, July 11, 2022, the standard flavor EXSTRONG Energy Drink will be available in a large bottle can type containing 400 ml per can! The price is 180 yen (tax included).

EXSTRONGエナジードリンク400ml EXSTRONG Energy

Let's get through the summer of 2022 with the duality of the short type "EXSTRONG SHAKKI-N," which is for gutsy decisions, and the 400 ml "EXSTRONG Energy Drink," which you can drink all day long !


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