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Matsukiyo's enadori "EXSTRONG RUN&gun" is released as a gummy!

マツキヨのエナドリ「EXSTRONG RUN&GUN」がグミになって発売決定!

Today, we are in the age of the Enadori Warring States. Various manufacturers sell Enadori in a variety of flavors.
In recent years, not only Enadori but also many other products that are easier to consume than drinks, such as Capsule Corporation's " PUSH " series, Ako Kasei Corporation's " e-sports countermeasure BREAK OUT Tablet," and Morinaga's " Large Ramune GAMEBOOSTER " have been released.
In this context, the drugstore Matsumotokiyoshi (Matsumotokiyoshi) has launched its original Enadori " EXSTRONG ". Not only is it available in many flavors, but it has also launched energy gummies as part of the "EXSTRONG" series.
While the popular original flavor and the unique "Love & Peace" flavor have been released so far, it has been announced that a new flavor will be joining the lineup!

The popular "RUN&GUN" flavor is now available in EnerGummi!


EXSTRONG RUN&GUN Energy Gummies are the new energy gummies from the popular flavor "EXSTRONG RUN&GUN," which combines a red and black can design with a bright milky blue liquid.
Even as gummies, the milky blue color, which is a gap from the package design, remains the same, and the gummies are hard and chewy.
In terms of ingredients, each bag contains 162.5 mg of caffeine and 500 mg of arginine, the same amount as the drink type.
It also contains 5,500 mg of protein and 2100 mg of citric acid, which are also features of "RUN&GUN.
The "EXSTRONG" series is known for its considerable amount of ingredients, and if they can be made into easy-to-eat gummies as they are, they will be useful in a variety of situations!
EXSTRONG RUN&GUN Energy Gummies are scheduled to go on sale on Saturday, May 8, 2021 at Matsumotokiyoshi Group, Kokokara Fine Group, and online stores nationwide!
Each 51g bag is reasonably priced at 149 yen (tax included ).
The price is reasonably priced at 149 yen (tax included) for a 51g bag. Let's wait a little longer for its release!


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Current as of the ENADORI warlike ages. A large number of energy drinks are sold really. The effect is being inspected, throwing various ENADORI to various peop

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