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New color appeared in Matsukiyoenadori! "EXSTRONG NEW SUN KING" containing lactic acid bacteria announced!

マツキヨエナドリに新色登場!乳酸菌を配合した「EXSTRONG NEW SUN KING」発表!

Today, we live in a warring age of energy drinks, with various manufacturers releasing energy drinks.
We have introduced a variety of energy drinks on funglr Games, so please take a look.
In the world of energy drinks, the "EXSTRONG" series of energy drinks from the MATSUKIYO brand is attracting attention for its price, ingredients, and liquid color.
A new product will appear in the "EXSTRONG" series, which has a wide variety of flavors on the market even at this stage!
EXSTRONG NEW SUN KING", a health-conscious energy drink containing lactic acid bacteria, has been announced!

マツキヨのエナドリ「EXSTRONG RUN&GUN」がグミになって発売決定!

No.1 Lactic Acid Bacteria in Japan


"EXSTRONG NEW SUN KING " is an energy drink that boasts the No.1 amount of lactobacilli in Japan, 40 billion.
Speaking of energy drinks containing lactobacilli, "Keeva Yogurti Energy" introduced in funglr Games before comes to mind, but "Keeva Yogurti Energy" has 10 billion shielded lactobacilli in one 500ml can. Keeva Yoghurt Energy" has 10 billion shielded lactobacilli in one 500ml can.
EXSTRONG NEW SUN KING" contains 40 billionEC-12 lactobacilliper 100ml, which means that 100 billion lactobacilli are contained in one 250ml can.
This makes sense that it is the No. 1 lactobacilli formula in Japan.
Of course, it is not only lactobacilli, but also contains 65mg of caffeine per 100ml, which is about twice as much as a typical energy drink, and 30mg of carnitine, which makes it a perfect energy drink!
The flavor is said to be a refreshing cola flavor, but the color of the liquid seems to be grayish black, not cola black.
It's a great thing that Matsukiyo didn't cut any corners in making the color look punchy!

Maybe it will help you stay in shape in the summer?

"EXSTRONG NEW SUN KING" will go on sale Friday, June 11, 2021, priced at 150 yen (tax included).
It will be available in limited quantities at Matsumotokiyoshi Group, Cocokara Fine Group, and online stores nationwide.
As the weather gets hotter, people tend to lose their appetites, and the opportunities to consume cold foods increase, which can lead to an upset stomach.
If you drink "EXSTRONG NEW SUN KING" as your daily energy drink, you can consume energy and lactic acid bacteria at the same time, which may be useful for your health condition.
Let's look forward to its release!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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