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Get the insects! "Master Ball" model appeared in the second Pokemon insect basket!


The " Pokemon " series, known as " Pokemon ", is loved by people all over the world.
Today, Pokémon trainers around the world are engaged in heated battles with the Pokémon they have carefully raised and are proud of.
To raise Pokémon, you must first catch Pokémon.
To do so, you need the " Monster Ball," which is a symbolic Pokémon item.
There are various types of balls, such as the "Super Ball" and "Hyper Ball," that make it easier to catch Pokémon, but the " Master Ball " is the item that everyone longs for.
The "Master Ball," which can only be obtained in limited quantities in the story and can absolutely catch Pokémon, is now available in the real world in the form of an insect cage!

Get insects with the Master Ball!

マスターボール 虫かご
Master Ball Insect Cage

The " Master Ball In sect Cage" is a new model of the popular "Monster Ball Insect Cage" released by CASTEM Corporation, a precision parts manufacturer.
Like the "Monster Ball Insect Cage," the "Master Ball Insect Cage" not only opens at the top for easy use as an insect cage, but also opens and closes when the button in the middle of the ball is pressed!

マスターボール 虫かご
Master Ball Insect Cage

It has a shoulder strap for easy carrying and a flat bottom to keep it stable, so it is not only cute but also usable as an insect cage.
Above all, it's a "master ball," which means it can catch any insect you can think of!

マスターボール 虫かご
Master Ball Insect Cage

Now accepting reservations from June 1!

Master Ball Insect Cage" will be released on Friday, June 4, 2021! The price will be 1,650 yen (tax included).
The product will be sold through Castem's e-commerce site " IRON FACTORY.
Prior to the release, pre-orders will be available from June 1, 2021 (Tuesday) at 10:00 a.m.!
Since the "Master Ball" is extremely rare in the Pokémon world, the "Master Ball Insect Cage" may be hard to find, so pre-ordering is recommended if you want to be sure of getting one!
As the weather gets hotter, many insects will start to become more active.
Let's get butterflies that look like butterflies and stag beetles that look like kairos with the "Master Ball Insect Cage"!
For details and reservations, please visit CASTEM's e-commerce site " IRON FACTORY ".


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