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Mad Catz "T.E.3 Arcade Stick", an arcade controller that inherits the DNA of the legendary "T.E.2" is here!

伝説の名機「T.E.2」のDNAを継承したアケコン Mad Catz「T.E.3 Arcade Stick」が登場!

The term " e-sports " can be used to describe a single genre of game, or to be more precise, even within the same genre, the nature of the game varies completely depending on the game title, and the player population and demographics also differ. The number of players and the demographics of the players differ. When the genre is so subdivided, there are situations where you are familiar with this genre but not that genre at all. This is just my personal opinion! THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV ", " GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- ", " Virtua Fighter esports ", " MELTY BLOOD: TYPE LUMINA&quot The flame of the fighting game industry is still burning with the long-awaited new titles " STREET FIGHTER 6 " and " TEKKEN 8 " coming in 2023 and beyond. Many fighting gamers who engage in heated battles have an arcade controller, or " ace-controller," as they call it, as their partner. Various types of arcade controllers are sold by various manufacturers, but many people have an image of " Mad Catz " when it comes to arcade controllers, and there are actually people who use them. However, since its revival as "Mad Catz Global Limited" in 2018, Mad Catz has only released the " EGO Arcade Stick ". While the "EGO Arcade Stick" is a great arcade stick, we were looking for more options, and now Mad Catz has announced the release of the successor to their famous "T.E.2" arcade stick!

MAD CATZ復活!アケコンとゲームパッドの新作を発表!

The legendary machine is back! Mad Catz T.E.3" is now available!

Mad Catz will be releasing a new arcade fight stick, the "T. E.3 Arcade Stick"! As the name suggests, this new arcade stick is a faithful successor to the legendary "T.E.2" arcade stick once released by Mad Catz. The "T.E.2" is well known as a favorite of famous professional gamers, and a "Street Fighter V" model was also released as the "T.E.2+", so even if you have never used one, you have probably seen one before. Even if you've never used it, you've probably seen it before. The fact that it was used by a well-known pro-gamer is no exaggeration to say that its performance is highly acclaimed!

However, the "T.E.2" is no longer in production, as it was made before the bankruptcy of the former Mad Catz. The "T.E.3", which inherits the DNA of the "T.E.2", is a product that all fighting gamers have been waiting for!

Mad Catz"T.E.3 Arcade Stick"
Mad Catz "T.E.3 Arcade Stick
Mad Catz"T.E.3 Arcade Stick"製品ページ

The buttons are the original high-quality Sanwa Denshi push buttons, which are well-known to akecon users. The snap-in design makes it easy to replace or customize parts.

Mad Catz"T.E.3 Arcade Stick"
Mad Catz "T.E.3 Arcade Stick
Mad Catz"T.E.3 Arcade Stick"製品ページ

The push-button opens wide for easy access to the internal storage. Maintenance and customization are a breeze. The spacious interior also allows for storage of cables, buttons, screwdrivers, Allen wrenches, and other parts and tools. In addition, a shoulder strap and carrying handle can be attached to the main body, making it easy to carry "T.E.3" even though it is honestly a hassle to carry.

Top cover sample
Mad Catz"T.E.3 Arcade Stick"製品ページ

The top panel is removable and the top cover is replaceable! The range of expression is unlimited, from individual preference to team design unification! You can download a sample pattern size from the official website, so let's make your original top cover based on that !

Mad Catz"T.E.3 Arcade Stick"製品ページ

Although the more gung-ho players will find that the stick and 8 buttons are all they need, the more convenient functions are always a good thing. The "T.E.3" is equipped with various functions such as key lock, touch pad,additional buttons, stick mode switch, turbo to set continuous fire function, and so on, so it will be useful for action and shooting as well as gaming. The main body of the T.E.3 is very sturdy, so it can be used for intense competitions and frequent carrying around.

Caution is required when using it with PS and Xbox!

The Mad Catz "T.E.3 Arcade Stick" is available for pre-sale at select stores, but will be on sale to the general public on Thursday, December 1, 2022! The expected market price is 39,800 yen (tax included).

Available platforms are PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC, but here's a big caveat! When using the T.E.3 Arcade Stick on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X|S, you must connect the controller of each console to the T.E.3 Arcade Stick, pair it, and enable the feature! This means that you will need to use it in a different environment than you normally would. This means that pairing may be necessary when using the T.E.3 Arcade Stick in an unusual environment. And pairing requires a console controller!

If you have a controller onsite, this may not be a problem, but if you don't, you may not be able to use the T.E.3 Arcade Stick, so it may be a good idea to bring a console controller that you use onsite. The pairing part is a hassle, to be honest, but if it inherits the feel of the "T.E.2", then the "T.E.3" is definitely a masterpiece! Add to that the "T.E.3 Arcade Stick" and you'll find that carrying around a controller is a trivial matter! For more information, please visit the Mad Catz "T.E.3 Arcade Stick" product page!

Mad Catz "T.E.3 Arcade Stick" Specifications
Compatibility PS4 / PS5 *Controllers must be paired to the T.E.3 Arcade Stick and enabled for use with the fight stick before connecting to the console. Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S *Controller must be connected to the T.E.3 Arcade Stick and paired with a fight stick to enable functionality before connecting to the console. Nintendo Switch ・PC
Connection method Wired, USB 3.0/3.1 USB-A (PC) / USB-C (PS4) / Audio (3.5mm TRRS AUX)
Cable length 1m
Buttons 8 buttons
D-Pad Analog sticks can be switched to D-pad input
Analog stick Approx. 3.5 hours (can be used while charging)
Size (L x W x H) 393mm x 357mm x 96mm
Weight 3.9kg


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