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The new model "glows"! Mad Catz introduces the wireless gamepad "C.A.T. 9"!

新モデルは「光る」!Mad Catzからワイヤレスゲームパッド「C.A.T. 9」登場!

To play a game, you need a device to control it.
The device used will vary depending on your preference and game genre, but the one you are most familiar with and probably have at least one of is probably a gamepad.
There are countless gamepads on the market today, ranging from genuine products from console manufacturers to third-party products, and each company is releasing more and more products that are easier to use and have more functions.
Among the various manufacturers, products from the long-established "Mad Catz" are highly popular and well-liked by many gamers.
Since the revival of "Mad Catz" in 2018, the company has released two controllers: the " EGO Arcade Stick " arcade controller released in 2020, and the "C.A.T. 7" gamepad. C.A.T. 7 " gamepad.
It has been almost two years since the release of the "C.A.T. 7", and now the long-awaited new gamepad has been announced!
This time it is wireless! And it glows!

MAD CATZ復活!アケコンとゲームパッドの新作を発表!

Multifunctional & Wireless Gamepad with RGB

Mad Catz has announced a new gamepad, the C.A.T. 9!
This new gamepad inherits the spirit of the popular wired gamepad "C.A.T. 7" that is already on the market, but has evolved greatly in terms of functions and looks.

Mad Catz"C.A.T. 9"
Mad Catz "C.A.T. 9"
Mad Catz"C.A.T. 9"製品ページ

C.A.T. 9 is a wireless gamepad with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.
It is multi-platform compatible with Android, iOS, Windows PC, as well as Switch.
The built-in battery can last up to 8 hours on a full charge , and the USB-C wired connection can also be used, so if your PC does not support Bluetooth, you can still use it.

Mad Catz"C.A.T. 9"
Mad Catz "C.A.T. 9" (with a "C.A.T. 9" indicator)
Mad Catz"C.A.T. 9"製品ページ

On the back are two additional buttons and up to four macro profiles that can be instantly changed while playing.
This can help you get the upper hand in the heat of battle during heated play.

Mad Catz"C.A.T. 9"
Mad Catz "C.A.T. 9"
Mad Catz"C.A.T. 9"製品ページ

And perhaps the greatest feature is its looks.
The cool crystal shell construction is a design that gamers will love. It's cool to see the internal mechanisms!
And the transparent body is maximized by the on-board RGB lighting!
Lighting that changes to 8 different colors is cool by itself, but the lighting effect can be linked to the dual vibration system with 6-axis motion sensors! It further enhances the immersive experience.

Scheduled for release at the end of May 2022!

Mad Catz "C.A.T. 9" will be available nationwide at the end of May 2022!
The price and official release date will be announced soon, so be sure to follow Mad Catz Japan on Twitter(@MadCatz_Japan ) for more information.
We are sure that the C.A.T. 7 will be easy to use as it is a power-up of the popular "C.A.T. 7", and its convenience will be improved with wireless technology. And if it is light, it will be one of the most powerful gamepads.
As for the Switch, we will be releasing expanded content for that hunting action in June 2022, and in September 2022, we will be releasing that squid game and a title in which the controller will be important.
For more information, please visit the Mad Catz C.A.T. 9 product page!

Compatibility Windows : Windows 10 (64bit) or later, Windows 11 compatible
Switch : Switch / Switch Lite / OLED
Android : Android 11 or later
iOS : iOS 14 or later
Connection method Bluetooth 5.0 (wireless) / USB (wired)
Cable type : USB Type-C
Number of programmable buttons 2 buttons
Dimensions Length x Width x Height: 150mm x 103mm x 63mm
Weight 200g


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