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What a joint development of Logitech G and Herman Miller! "Embody Gaming Chair" released! Will it be the strongest gaming chair!?


Logitech International S.A. (Logitech Corporation in Japan), headquartered in Switzerland, has jointly developed a gaming chair with Herman Miller (Herman Miller) of the United States, famous for the Aeron chair, and announced and launched the " Embody Gaming Chair ". The "Embody Gaming Chair" has been announced and put on the market.

The "Embody Gaming Chair" can be tried out at Herman Miller stores from July 23rd.

Will it become a synonym for the best gaming chair?

エンボディゲーミングチェアHerman Miller Gaming

Logitech has developed gaming devices such as "Logitech G" and "Astro Gaming", which are popular all over the world.
Herman Miller offers famous office furniture such as the Aeron chair, which also has a large number of users around the world.

The gaming chair jointly developed by the two companies is a product that is so impressive that it will make gaming chairs of the past a thing of the past. The jointly developed gaming chairs by the two companies will be a shocking product that will make gaming chairs a thing of the past.

Herman Miller Gaming

Not only gaming chairs, but desks and monitor arms too!

Herman Miller Gaming

The joint development of the two companies announced this time is not only the "Embody Gaming Chair" gaming chair, but also the "Augment Ratio Gaming Desk" and the "Aurin Monitor Arm" at the same time. The ergonomically designed gaming furniture is also a key component of the new product lineup.

Ergonomic gaming furniture!

エンボディチェアHerman Miller Gaming

Both Logitech and HermanMiller spent nearly two years researching e-sports players around the world to understand their needs, and the result is a product that is "ergonomically designed gaming furniture that reduces the burden on the gamer's naves. It is palpable.

Tim Straker, Chief Marketing Officer of Herman Miller, said

Even before we did any in-depth research, we knew that our products were consistently rated highly in gamer product reviews and that many gamers
We knew that many gamers liked our products and they wanted a variety of options. And they wanted a variety of options.

After extensive research, Herman Miller decided that a product change was in order, and the "Embody Chair" was born, perfect for gamers.

The price and how to purchase...

エンボディチェアHerman Miller Gaming

The "Embody Gaming Chair" is priced at 214,225 yen (including tax), the "Augmented Ratio Gaming Desk" is priced at 223,390 yen (including tax), and the "Olin Monitor Arm" is priced at 41,470 yen The monitor arm "Aurin Monitor Arm" is 41,470 yen (tax included).

I thought the price would be higher than the Aeron chair, but the price range is the same as other products, and considering the quality of the product, the price is very affordable.

The chair can be purchased at the online store.

The URL for the Herman Miller online store is https://store.hermanmiller.co.jp/ではなくhttps://jpgaming.hermanmiller.com/になりますのでご注意下さい.

The store.hermanmiller.co.jp e-commerce system is built and operated by Future Shop, Inc. of Future Shop, while jpgaming.hermanmiller.com is built and operated by Shopify of Canada.

It is unclear why they are using different EC systems, but please keep in mind that existing members will need to enter their information separately where it is a separate system and separate site.

You can try it out at the Herman Miller Store!

エンボディチェアHerman Miller Gaming

You can try out the Embody Chair at the Herman Miller Store in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
The experience corner is by appointment only and must be reserved in advance through the " Personal Fitting Service " online.

The following products will be on display at the Experience Corner

If you are considering purchasing one of these products, why not go and experience it for yourself?


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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