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The G435 Wireless Gaming Headset, a lightweight gaming headset for your child's remote classes!

お子さんのリモート授業にもピッタリの軽量ゲーミングヘッドセット「G435 ワイヤレス ゲーミング ヘッドセット」発表!

Gaming headsets are popular for their ability to easily enjoy high-quality sound without the need for large speakers or amplifiers.
There is nothing wrong with high sound quality, not only when playing games, but also when watching videos, making calls, or using it for online meetings, so the demand for these headsets is increasing greatly due to the Corona disaster.
Many of them are not only wired, but also wireless, and it is great to be able to use them in different environments and situations.
Gaming headsets are very popular, but if they are an overhead type with good sound quality, the ear cups are inevitably larger and the weight of the headset is heavy due to its solid construction.
The weight can cause neck pain and fatigue when used for long periods of time, so even if you know the sound quality is good and the battery life is long, you may not be able to afford an overhead type set.
For those people, Logitech G is proud to introduce the " G435 Wireless Gaming Headset," a lightweight gaming headset weighing just 165 grams!

Lightweight and with a volume control function, it's perfect for children!

G435 ワイヤレス ゲーミング ヘッドセット
G435 Wireless Gaming Headset
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The "G435 Wireless Gaming Headset" is a wireless gaming headset released by LogitechG, the Japanese subsidiary of Logitech International, the world's leading company in the gaming device market. Logitech G" is a wireless gaming headset released by Logitech G, the Japanese subsidiary of Logitech International, Inc.
Logitech G" has released many gaming headsets, but the biggest feature of the "G435 Wireless Gaming Headset" is its lightness.
The G435 Wireless Gaming Headset is the lightest gaming headset on the market, weighing in at just 165 grams. The G435 is a wireless headset with a built-in battery, which makes it an astonishingly light headset at 165g!
Logitech G's popular wireless headset "PRO X Wireless" weighs 370g, and to be honest, it doesn't feel that heavy, but when you consider that it weighs less than half that, it goes beyond the level of being light and you may even forget you are wearing it!
With such a light weight, not only first-time users but also children can use the headset comfortably.

The G435 Wireless Gaming Headset is not only lightweight, but also has a number of other features that we recommend for use by children.
When listening to music or watching videos with a headset, we tend to turn up the volume.
However, the G435 Wireless Gaming Headset is equipped with a volume control function that limits the volume to a normal maximum of 100 dB.
The normal maximum volume is 100 dB, but by pressing and holding the volume down and mute buttons, the maximum volume can be limited to 85 dB.
Children may accidentally turn the volume up to the maximum level, so it is nice to be able to set the volume limit in advance.

Many people think of gaming headsets as having a boom microphone extending from the ear cups, but the G435 Wireless Gaming Headset does not.
The G435 Wireless Gaming Headset does not have a microphone, but rather a dual-beam-forming microphone that consists of two microphones!
When there is a microphone physically in front of your mouth, it tends to bump and make noise or pick up ambient noise.
The new microphone technology can deliver clear sound quality without a boom microphone, which is also suitable for children's use.

Available in " Off-White & Lilac " and " Blue & Raspberry

Off-white & Lilac
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" Blue & Raspberry "

Blue & Raspberry
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" Black & Neon Yellow " and " Black & Neon Yellow.

Black & Neon Yellow
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It is rare to find such a pop coloring in a gaming headset lineup, as most of them are black in color.
The "Blue & Raspberry" color is especially cute.

I'm glad that they are light and simple, but what about the sound quality? Some may wonder about the sound quality, but it's Logitech G. It's a Logitech G. It's not to be sneezed at.
It is equipped with a 40mm audio driver. It reproduces a rich range of sound.
In addition to being "Discord" certified, they also support stereophonic technologies such as Dolby Atmos, Tempest 3D Audio, and Windows Sonic, so you can be sure of the sound quality.

The G435 Wireless Gaming Headset is a wireless headset that supports two connection methods: LIGHTSPEED, a proprietary wireless technology, and Bluetooth.
It can be connected to a wide range of devices: to PCs and game consoles via LIGHTSPEED, and to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth.
Both connection methods provide up to 18 hours of continuous use, which is enough battery life for all-day use.

With more and more children in remote classes these days, and more opportunities to hear their teachers' voices coming from tablets and PCs, the G435 Wireless Gaming Headset is the perfect choice for them, with its light weight, high sound quality, and volume control.

An environmentally friendly and sustainable product

The G435 Wireless Gaming Headset will be available on Thursday, November 18, 2021 at an open price.
It will be available at the Logitech Online Store at a very affordable price of 9,350 yen (tax included).
The G435 Wireless Gaming Headset is quite attractive in terms of weight, sound quality, and price, but what makes it even more appealing is that it is an environmentally friendly and sustainable product!
The headset is CarbonNeutral certified, which means that the carbon footprint (carbon dioxide emissions ) of the product and its packaging is zero.
The headset's plastic parts are made of at least 22% recycled plastic by weight, and the packaging is made of FSC certified paper.
To reduce the amount of resources used, the quick start is listed on the inside of the inner box, and the user manual can be viewed or downloaded on the website, making it environmentally friendly to use.
Choosing the G435 Wireless Gaming Headset may be a small step, but every small step is a big step.
You'll have both a greener future and a lightweight, high-quality headset!
For more information, check out the Logitech Newsroom!

Logitech G435 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Headset Specifications
Colors Off White and Lilac / Blue and Raspberry / Black and Neon Yellow
Body size (W x D x H) 163mm x 71mm x 170mm
Weight 165g
Headphone type Overhead
Connection I/F 2.4GHz wireless (USB-A LIGHTSPEED wireless receiver) / Bluetooth
Microphone Built-in dual beam-forming microphone
Microphone Frequency Response 100Hz-8kHz
Driver Unit 40mm audio driver
Headphone Sensitivity 83.1db SPL / mW
Headphone Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
Impedance 45Ω
Maximum volume <100 dB *optional upper limit of <85 dB
System Requirements LIGHTSPEED Wireless: USB 2.0 port (Type-A port), Window 10 or later, macOS X 10.14 or later, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4
Bluetooth: Bluetooth audio connection compatible devices
Dolby Atmos, Tempest 3D Audio, Windows Sonic stereoscopic audio support
Continuous use time Approx. 18 hours
Wireless communication range 10m
Included accessories Product itself, LIGHTSPEED wireless USB-A receiver, USB-C to USB-A charging cable, warranty policy, warranty card, quick start guide (printed on the inner box)
Warranty period 2 years


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