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It is perfect for the coming season when you want to go gubigubi! New option of zero carbohydrates "Lifeguard ZERO" announced!


Golden Week 2022 is over and the next holiday is July 18, Sea Day.
For those of you who have weekends and holidays off as per the calendar, you are probably gradually getting tired as the week progresses. For me, it's the second week after the Golden Week holiday and I'm already feeling tired!
Energy drinks give us energy at such times, but energy drink freaks who drink energy drinks on a regular basis are worried about consuming too much caffeine and calories if they consume even more energy drinks.
In such a case, a good choice is " Lifeguard," the pioneer of energy drinks with added vitamins and amino acids!
It has been a long seller for 36 years since its launch, so it is not only delicious but also a great product that provides 7 vitamins, 7 amino acids, and even royal jelly!
It has been a long-selling product for 36 years, so it's not surprising that it tastes great and provides seven vitamins, seven amino acids, and even royal jelly! Especially as the weather gets hotter from now on, the amount of water you drink will increase as well....
The new "zero sugar" Lifeguard product is now on sale, perfect for those who have such concerns !

チェリオのエナドリ「GODZILLA ENERGY II バーニングゴジラver.」をレビュー!第1弾と比較してみた!

Zero sugar, zero guilt!

Lifeguard ZERO

The newest addition to the LifeGuard lineup is " LifeGuard ZERO," which is sugar-free!
This is a new LifeGuard option that maintains the familiar LifeGuard ingredients, but with no added sugar.
The package design reverses the impressive camouflage design of the original Lifeguard, with gold as the main color scheme.
The package design is a reversal of the striking camouflage design of the original Lifeguard, with gold as the main color scheme, while the product logo features Lifeguard's signature camouflage and pinstripes, designed by longtime Lifeguard designers M&K Makoto.
We want to change the mood of the times, which tends to be heavy, and make everyone's feelings a little brighter! The bright and gorgeous gold package was created with this in mind!

Lifeguard ZERO

With the recent increase in time spent at home and the switch to remote work, people tend to spend less time walking to work and less time moving their bodies.
Many people have started to cut back on sweet foods out of concern for their health and shape.
But! That would be too sad to refrain from your favorite lifeguard! The new product that is perfect for such people is "Lifeguard ZERO"!
It has zero sugar content, so you can gobble it down like you used to and not feel guilty about it! It is a great way to consume vitamins, amino acids, and royal jelly in an energy flavor.

Lifeguard ZERO

Lifeguard ZERO will go on sale on Monday, May 23, 2022!
It will be sold at mass retailers nationwide, Cheerio vending machines in the Chubu and Kansai regions, Cheerio's official online store, and Lifeguard Square in Harajuku.
Pushing the "no sugar" concept too much may make it sound as if the sugar contained in Lifeguard is bad, but sugar is an important nutrient that provides immediate energy.
It is a nutrient that helps us when we are physically active or when we use our brains to study or work, so choose between "Lifeguard" and "Lifeguard ZERO" depending on the situation!


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