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LGエレクトロニクス・ジャパンから100Hz対応の21:9 ウルトラワイドモニター 「34WQ650-W」「29WQ600-W」を4月中旬より順次発売!

LG Electronics Japan K.K. has announced the sequential release of two new 21:9 ultrawide monitor models : the 34-inch "34WQ650-W" in late April 2022 and the29-inch "29WQ600-W" in mid-April 2022. The company announced that it will release the 21:9 Ultrawide
The 21:9 ultra-wide monitor is 1.3 times wider than full HD monitors, which have an aspect ratio of 16:9, and allows multiple windows to be opened on the screen without being cut off, which improves work efficiency, and the full-screen display of CinemaScope images provides an immersive visual experience. In addition, the full-screen display of CineScope images allows you to experience an immersive full-screen display of CineScope images.

Features of the two "21:9 Ultrawide Monitors

29-inch "29WQ600-W


HDR-compatible for crisp, clear images

The monitor supports HDR (High-Definition Reflection Range), which allows for more detailed representation of light and dark areas, and can clearly show both dark and bright areas of a fine-grained image, which was difficult to distinguish in SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) images until now.

34-inch "34WQ650-W


HDR standard "DisplayHDR 400" compatible display

It is compatible with the "DisplayHDR 400" HDR standard for PCs established by VESA, an industry organization for displays and graphics cards.
Therefore, in addition to its wide color gamut, the monitor offers a peak brightness of 400 cd/m2 and 10-bit color compatibility, allowing users to enjoy images with image quality suitable for HDR playback.

Features for effective use of the large screen

The "OnScreen Control" function allows users to control basic settings such as brightness and contrast, as well as gaming mode settings, from within Windows.
The "My Application Preset" function automatically applies the best picture mode for each software application, and the "Screen Split" function automatically splits the displayed windows. The "Screen Split" function automatically splits the displayed window into two separate windows.

Common features of the two monitors

IPS panel with wide viewing angle and accurate color reproduction


The IPS panel with wide viewing angles and vivid colors covers more than 99% of sRGB (standard value) and faithfully displays the sRGB color space, allowing users to enjoy natural and vivid images.

Spacious, usable 2560 x 1080 horizontal screen


The screen is approximately 1.3 times longer horizontally than Full HD, enabling efficient work while referring to windows in parallel on the left and right, and dragging and dropping objects between software. The 21:9 aspect ratio is almost the same as "CinemaScope" size, so movies can be displayed in full screen. The frameless design allows you to focus on the image, and the 7W+7W high-output built-in speakers create an immersive and powerful visual experience.

High refresh rate of 100Hz

The high refresh rate of 100 frames per second enables smooth display of images.
The 2560x1080 horizontal screen is not only a great advantage for gaming, but also provides a realistic experience, as if you were in the game world.

Stress-reducing features during gaming


AMD FreeSync technology " is used to suppress tearing and stuttering, although output from an AMD APU/GPU is required.
The monitor is also equipped with many other features to help you concentrate on your game, such as " DAS mode " to reduce display latency and " Black Stabilizer " to brighten dark areas that are difficult to see.

Features designed for long hours of work


Flicker-safe" function suppresses flickering caused by adjusting the screen brightness, and "Blue Light Reduction Mode" suppresses blue light, which is said to cause eyestrain, and displays images in a color temperature close to that of paper, which is less stressful on the eyes. This reduces the burden on the eyes and brain.

Adjustable to suit your posture


The ergonomic stand with adjustable tilt angle (-5° to 15° in front) allows the screen to be freely adjusted to a position where you can relax.
However, only the 34WQ650-W is height-adjustable.

What is the price?

The price of the two ultra-wide monitors is open, but the manufacturer's estimated price is around 47,000 yen (including tax) for the 34-inch "34WQ650-W" andaround 35,000 yen (including tax) for the 29-inch "29WQ600-W". The 29-inch "29WQ600-W" is priced around 35,000 yen (including tax).
Among the many ultrawide monitors available on the market, there are probably few that can be purchased for less than 50,000 yen that are suitable for gaming at 100 Hz or higher and are excellent for improving work efficiency.
If you are looking for an ultrawide monitor, consider the 34WQ650-W or 29WQ600-W.
For more information, check out the official LG Electronics Japan " 34WQ650-W" and "29WQ600-W" product pages!


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